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MCU Reportedly Turning Mephisto from Demon Sorcerer to Evil Tech Genius in Ironheart – He Bought Tony Stark’s Avengers Tower after Endgame Death

MCU Reportedly Turning Mephisto from Demon Sorcerer to Evil Tech Genius in Ironheart - He Bought Tony Stark's Avengers Tower after Endgame Death

Marvel Studios has been pushing boundaries ever since its first movie in 2008. Always trying new concepts, intriguing storylines for their characters, or switching up the ways we receive their content. They have always been trying to grow and try new things. So it is no surprise that the MCU has been quite experimental with its decisions in recent times.

Mephisto in the Marvel Comics
Mephisto in the Marvel Comics

While some of these risks have gained quite a bit of criticism from their fans, this does not seem to deter them in the least, and Marvel is probably about to take its biggest gamble with one of the most iconic villains from the comics, Mephisto.

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Who is Mephisto?

Mephisto is the Marvel Comic version of The Devil or Hades but not quite it. He is a Class Two Demon and possesses vast supernatural power. He has a pocket dimension that he calls Hell as a way to exploit the fears of humans, which is something he does quite regularly to entertain himself. His abilities include immortality, superhuman physical attributes, shape and size-shifting, projecting illusions, manipulating memories, and altering time and reality. He has been known to play with characters like chess pieces and enjoy as chaos unfolds.

A life-altering bargain

While there was quite a speculation and expectation that Mephisto would show up in both WandaVision and Docter Strange: Multiverse of Madness, these were all false and his character was nowhere to be seen in the projects. Now, however, it has been reported that he will be showing up in the upcoming Disney+ Ironheart series.

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Will Mephisto Be in Disney+’s IronHeart?

Recent reports by The Cosmic Circus exclusively confirm that Mephisto will be appearing as an integral part of the IronHeart series, though his character has been changed a bit. It would seem that he bought the Avengers Tower after Tony Stark Sold it. It isn’t clear, however, if Tony knew that he was making a deal with the devil. The motives for his purchase are also unknown.

Ironheart allegedly faces reshoots

The premise of the show is to showcase a battle between magic and technology, so it is only fitting that the demon’s personality has been tweaked to make him interested in technology. His presence in the show will be rumored to be huge and will be spurring up a lot of trouble for Riri Williams. He will be shown as a tamed down, the human version of the character for the sake of him running a quite successful business. His original attire from the comic will appear only a few times. The main inspiration for his character has been said to be Tom Ellis’ Lucifer in the show of the same name.

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Source: The Cosmic Circus

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