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8 MCU Storylines Marvel Left Hanging In The Middle Of Nowhere

8 MCU Storylines Marvel Left Hanging In The Middle Of Nowhere

MCU has spun and tied its heroes’ storylines together for a decade now. MCU is growing in leaps and bounds. Some of the MCU storylines that were left hanging have suddenly become very important. With so many stories unfolding simultaneously, some may have been left unfinished or incomplete as of now. These are the MCU storylines that will be essential take-off points for future projects.

1. Nick Fury’s Search For Hydra: After his fake death and fall of SHIELD, Fury told Captain America that he was going in search of Hydra. 

MCU storylines Nick Fury

Hydra showed up in The Age Of Ultron as Doctor List and Baron Von Strucker. There has been no other mention of Hydra anywhere else. However, there is no mention of his encounters with Hydra and its influence while traveling the world.

2. Missing Lady Sif?: It seems like Lady Sif has disappeared from Asgard after Thor: The Dark World. 

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She was absent from Thor: Ragnarok and had only a cameo in Loki. Lady Sif has appeared a few times in Agents Of Shield. Her return to MCU proper is in process, and MCU may revive this forgotten storyline. But the focus is on Jane Foster and her evolution to Thor.

3. Long Term Effects of Extremis: In Iron Man 3, the fight was about AIM’s exploding super soldiers. 

MCU storylines

There is no mention of it since then. However, it has been mentioned in Agents Of Shield in the Centipede Program. Pepper Potts’ exposure to it and its effects have also remained unsaid. Stark said he would fix it. But It has not been addressed after his recovery.

4. Clues about the Existence of Atlantis: Nick Fury‘s SHIELD map had a blinking point in the middle of the ocean. 

Iron man 2 - MCU storylines

Since seeing the map and Iron Man 2, fans have wondered when Namor will join the MCU. There were theories that the underwater quakes were a sign of the Atlanteans entering the MCU storylines.

5. MCU storylines for The Leader: In the Incredible Hulk (2008), Dr. Sterns helped Banner search for a cure for his Hulk problem. 

MCU strorylines Dr Sterns

Dr. Sterns’ work with Blonsky resulted in his body undergoing mutation as he was exposed to Hulk’s blood. He was last seen with a wide grin and a bleeding head wound. Thunderbolt Ross is the only delayed MCU storyline from the Hulk series.

6. The Golden Cocoon and Adam: At the end of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Ayesha of the Sovereign presents the perfect version of her people in a Golden Birthing Pod she calls Adam. 

Adam Warlock, Ayesha, The Golden Cocoon

So fans speculated that this would be the entry point for Adam Warlock in the MCU storylines. It hasn’t happened yet. He could still be waiting in the birthing pod for the next film of the Guardians Of The Galaxy series.

7. Thor’s search for the Infinity Stones: In Avengers: Age Of The Ultron, Thor was determined to search out the Infinity Stones.

Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor, MCU Storylines

Although, this search seemed like the perfect storyline for the Avengers. But it never happened. The Tesseract was the only Infinity Stone In Thor: Ragnarok. Thor’s travels were to clean up the messes of Asgard rather than looking for the Infinity Stones.

8. Is Ghost alive?  

MCU storylines The ghost

In the final scene of The Antman and The Wasp, Scott goes back to the Quantum Realm to collect healing particles for The Ghost. But, unfortunately, Thanos’s snap turns the Pym-Van Dyne family to dust as soon as Scott leaves.

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