MCU Theory: Far From Home Proves Tony Stark Knew About the Skrull Invasion All Along and Peter Parker Was the Only Person He Could Trust

The theory explains why Tony Stark let a high school kid have EDITH, and the powers to make or break the world

far from home proves tony stark knew about the skrull invasion all along and peter parker was the only person he could trust


  • Tony Stark is undoubtedly a genius and it is believed that he might have hacked into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s system and knew about the Skrulls
  • Everyone Tony knew were big superheroes or famous people and hence either they could be the Skrulls or on their target
  • The only person he knew who had a secret identity was Peter Parker and the two shared a close enough bond for him to trust the young kid
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe was kickstarted by Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. It has since been developing in stories that initially started off with simple robots. Now it is vast, diverse, and well built to a point where each film and project has a story to connect with. The MCU is filled with theories either supporting or debunking various rumors. Some of these make sense, while others might as well go from above the heads.

Tony Stark and Peter Parker were really close in the MCU
Tony Stark and Peter Parker were really close in the MCU

In a world where he met some of the most astounding people, Tony Stark was not only a figure with fame but also other famous friends. However, in the long run, it was a masked person who he could trust with his entire life, someone who he trusted so much that he was ready to hand over the secrets of the world he had known for long before. The man was none other than Peter Parker.

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Peter Parker and Tony Stark’s Relationship

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker and Robert Downey Jr‘s Tony Stark’s relationship is one that started off in the most adorable manner with Captain America: Civil War. Things for the duo never were smooth as they got into one problem after another. First, it was to fight Cap and it was only a downward spiral from then on. However, they did not let their physical circumstances come in between their sacred bond.

Tony Stark
Peter looks at Tony’s Graffiti

Their relationship was one many compared to that of a father and his son. They always had each other’s backs and they cared for each other in a way only family would. Stark even had a photo of him and Peter in the kitchen. That might as well be a sign of found family. Stark watched over the webslinger in a way a father would. Scolding him when necessary, caring for him through and through. Even after his passing. So much so that Peter Parker may have been the only person he truly came to trust.

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Tony Stark Knew About the Skrulls?

Tony Stark is one of the smartest men in the MCU. He managed to hack S.H.I.E.L.D.’s database without any issue. Seeing how easy it was for him, it may have been difficult to keep secrets from the Iron Man himself. In theory, he could have already known about the Skrull invasion as well. However, how was he to protect the world without causing any sense of ruckus or panic? Drones.

Tony scolding Peter

His drones acted as a suit of armor around the world, one that he could trust to protect the world when he was not there to do so himself. Every person he knew was of famed reputation, making it difficult for any of them to not be in direct line of the Skrull’s target. So who could he trust? Peter Parker. A teenage high-school boy who uses a mask to protect the world. A man with great power and greater responsibility.

EDITH, the glasses that were a key factor in Spider-Man: Far From Home, was not just a gift from Tony Stark after his passing but also the trust that he was putting in Peter. He was handing him the responsibility of protecting the world when he no longer could.

Peter Parker and Tony Stark

Peter was the ideal choice. Not only did he have a special bond with the character but also he was one of the most intelligent kids he had ever interacted with. He had a conscience, a mind, and a way to figure his own path out. Qualities Stark understood could save the world. So he may have put EDITH in his hands to save the world from the Skrulls.

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