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MCU Theory: Kang Has Kidnapped Wanda, Intends To Use Her Chaos Magic To Start Secret Wars

Another day, another theory takes the internet by storm. And this time, the MCu theory may be about to completely change the game. As Thor: Love and Thunder is about to rage across theaters and Doctor Strange 2 hit Disney+, it has got fans thinking. A major Avenger’s fate is still up in the air, as good as everyone’s guess. Wanda Maximoff seemingly died at the end of Doctor Strange 2. But what if she didn’t. This new MCU theory states that Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch is safe and sound. But she is currently being held hostage by none other than Kang the Conqueror.

MCU Theory - Kang Has Kidnapped Scarlet Witch
MCU Theory – Kang Has Kidnapped Scarlet Witch

The reason is very simple. The MCU theory claims Kang intends to use the power of Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic to start Secret Wars.

Where Is Wanda Maximoff At The End Of Doctor Strange 2

Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch
Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the Scarlet Witch has gone rogue. She is ready to stoop to any level to get back her children. If she has to kill, maim, and hurt people to do it, then so be it. Her quest to use the Darkhold to get a hold of America Chavez’s Powers leads her to the forbidden art of dream-walking. She possesses the Earth-838 Wanda and goes on a murderous rampage, killing the Illuminati and then going for Chavez, who has the power to traverse the multiverse.

Wanda Maximoff - Earth-838
Wanda Maximoff – Earth-838

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By the end of the film, after facing stiff resistance from Doctor Strange and overcoming almost impossible odds, Wanda is inches away from her victory. But she realizes that in her quest to get back to her boys at any cost, she has herself become a monster, one that not even her own kids are scared of. So Scarlet Witch does the right thing and erases the darkhold from the face of the Multiverse and then brings down Wundagore Mountain, herself dying in the process.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness: Is Wanda Really Dead?

Elizabeth Olsen starring as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2.
Elizabeth Olsen starring as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2

There have been massive speculation amongst the fans that Wanda has not died yet. The movie never actually showed us the footage of Wanda dying. She apparently dies in a blast of red aura. This has got many fans thinking that Wanda’s offscreen death is a way for the MCU to bring back Elizabeth Olsen in future MCU movies. There is already a Scarlet Witch project being rumoured to be in the works for the near future. The actors who play Billy and Tommy Maximoff have also been pretty vocal about their characters’ returns to the franchise. All of this has got fans thinking that Scarlet Witch never died in Doctor Strange 2.

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Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch and Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch and Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange in Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness

The MCU may have deceived fans with that scene. But if Wanda Maximoff does return, how will  that change the MCU? That is indeed the million dollar question. Luckily we have an answer.

Kang The Conqueror Has Kidnapped The Scarlet Witch For Her Chaos Magic

Reasons MCU may be gearing up for Secret Wars event
Kang the Conqueror

He was last see in the Loki season finale. After Sylvie kills He Who Remains, the Sacred Timeline collapses and leads to the branching of reality and time. Multiple timelines exist simultaneously, each with its own TVA to regulate it. Loki ends up in a timeline where Kang has taken over the TVA and has become the de-facto ruler of the time. Kang is definitely going to be the big bad wolf for the MCU, a role that once belonged to Thanos.

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Kang vs Thanos
Kang vs Thanos

But for Kang to become an even bigger threat than Thanos, he needs a plan that is twice as deadlier and grander. Kang’s forte is time. He knows it all and sees it all. He is not called ‘The Conqueror’ for nothing. In the comic books, Kang uses time travel methods to conquer entire timelines and add to the collection of Council of Kangs. In the MCU though, Kang has his own way of conquering all of time.

Doctor Strange 2 - Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold
Doctor Strange 2 – Scarlet Witch and the Darkhold

And the key to that strategy is Wanda Maximoff’s Chaos Magic.

MCU Theory: How Chaos Magic Helps Kang Conquer Time

The most powerful MCU magic: Chaos Magic
A contemporary magical practice that taps into and utilizes the chaotic forces of the universe

In WandaVision, Agatha Harkness reveals that the Scarlet Witch is a Nexus being. Wanda’s chaos magic powers transcend the universe and can affect the very fabric of reality that weaves the multiverse together. In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we got to see her chaos magic in action. Wanda used deadly abilities like Dream-walking. A section of the fans claim that only Wanda Maximoff had the magical reservoirs to cast a spell that could erase the Darkhold from all universes.

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Kang The Conqueror in Ant-Man 3
Kang The Conqueror – The Time Tyrant is the Architect of MCU’s Version of Secret Wars

The Darkhold may no longer exist in the Multiverse but Wanda had been studying it for quite a while. She knows quite a bit about the spells she has already used from the Book of the Damned. This MCU Theory claims Kang will force Wanda to use Chaos Magic to erase all other Kangs from the Multiverse, just like she did with the Darkhold. And to top it off, the ancient magic she uses is powerful enough to bring the Multiverse to its knees. Kang the Conqueror, according to this MCU theory, will use wanda to create the biggest, baddest incursion the multiverse has ever seen, one that forces all universes to collide and merge. This will destroy all realities and leave only one sacred timeline.

Kang Replaces Doctor Doom from The Comics as MCU's Ruler of Battleworld
MCU Theory: Kang Replaces Doctor Doom from the Comics as MCU’s Ruler of Battleworld

And this timeline will be that of Battleworld – a chaotic nightmare world locked in an eternal war between all surviving realities merged together. In the comics, Battleworld was the creation of Doctor Doom, who harnessed the power of the Beyonder and became the new reality’s ruler. In the MCU, Kang will use Scarlet Witch’s ability to rule Battleworld, a new scared timeline completely under the time tyrant’s control.

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