MCU Will Change Forever if One Never-seen-before Story of The Avengers Subjecting Hulk to the Most Disturbing Torture Comes to Life Onscreen

MCU Will Change Forever if the Immortal Hulk comics are ever brought to live action.

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  • The Immortal Hulk comic series reveals one of the darkest Hulk storylines ever in the Marvel Comics.
  • The Avengers subject Hulk to extreme torture, resulting in an absolutely horrible narrative.
  • Adapting the Immortal Hulk comic in the MCU could significantly alter its theme and turn things upside down!
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There are several differences between the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the world of Marvel Comics. While the MCU is more of a family entertainment package, the comics are full of some of the best and the worst stories of all time that are surely not made for the faint of heart.

Hulk goes ballistic in
Hulk goes ballistic in The Immortal Hulk Comics | Marvel Comics

In one such Marvel comic, aka in the famous Immortal Hulk series (2018-2021), our favorite green monster is subjected to some of the worst treatments possible thanks to the Avengers. The treatment is such that if the story was ever brought to live-action, things would surely turn upside down!

Hulk Goes Cazy in The Immortal Hulk Comics

The charred body of Bruce Banner
The charred body of Bruce Banner [The Immortal Hulk Comics | Marvel Comics]
The Immortal Hulk was first introduced in Marvel Comics in The Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #13, way back in 2000. But in 2018, a separate series based on the Immortal Hulk was released, which introduced some of the fiercest versions of Hulk possible. These included Breaker of the Worlds, Immortal Hulk, Devil Hulk, and more.


In The Immortal Hulk Vol 15, Bruce Banner ends up being possessed by the One Below All, the entity responsible for his Hulk problem. This leads to the Devil Hulk, whose sole purpose is to protect Banner, going absolutely crazy. As the Avengers try to control him, Devil Hulk has vowed to protect Banner and does about anything to do so.

In Vol 17, he goes on a killing spree in a town called Georgeville as the Avengers try to outmatch him. Failing miserably, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, does the unthinkable by using the Helios Laser. A specially designed laser that can cause destruction of unimaginable proportions, it can also neutralize the Hulk.

We see in the MCU how the Avengers divide into camps during the Civil War event, this was one of the first times that the whole of the Avengers turned against one of their own. Since the Hulk is immortal and cannot die by any means, to prevent him from causing havoc, Stark knows this is the last resort even though not every Avenger agrees with it. While using the Helios Laser is disturbing enough, what happens after is the worst thing that Hulk has ever been through.


Helios Laser was Nothing Compared to What Happens Next to Hulk

Dr. Clive experimenting on Hulk as he watches
Dr. Clive experimenting on Hulk as he watches [The Immortal Hulk Comics | Marvel Comics]
When Iron Man uses the Helios Laser, the laser causes Bruce Banner’s body to burn down. Before he could regenerate again, his charred body is then transported to the secret headquarters of the United States Hulk Operations, Shadow Base. Unknown to the Avengers, their friend is then subjected to the worst torture he has ever been through.

In the Shadow Base, Hulk is handed over to Dr. Clive, an evil scientist trying to unravel the many secrets and powers of the Green Goliath. The USHO, in the Shadow Base, cut off Hulk’s body parts and organs with an adamantium saw, keeping them all in separate containers.

Being subjected to several cruel experiments, the Green Goliath is alive throughout this time as Dr. Clive continues to abuse his body day after day. Although the Devil Hulk makes a brutal escape, the adaptation of such a grotesque story will surely turn the MCU upside down!

The Immortal Hulk
The Immortal Hulk Comic | Marvel Comics

The events described in this comic, if ever adapted into the MCU, could drastically alter the landscape of the MCU. The surprising incident of the Avengers turning against one of their own and using the brutal Helios Laser as a last resort, and the subsequent torment and experimentation on the Hulk will certainly introduce a level of darkness and barbarity not ever seen in the MCU before.

This storyline could not only lead to a significant shift in the tone of the MCU but also alter the character dynamics for good. Undoubtedly, having a lasting impact on the future of the MCU and the way audiences perceive these iconic characters, The Immortal Hulk series is thus too brutal for the MCU to ever adapt.


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