MCU’s Best Villain Thanos Continues to Get Humiliated in What If Season 2

MCU's Best Villain Thanos Continues to Get Humiliated in What If Season 2


  • Thanos was the main bogeyman in the MCU in the Infinity Saga and was a worthy major villain.
  • He has returned in various avatars in the first two seasons of Marvel's What If...?
  • The Mad Titan however, has more often than not been defeated by powers opposite to him.
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To say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not been the same since Thanos left won’t be amiss. The Mad Titan was central to the MCU for half a decade, evoking fear in the hearts of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and fans alike.


After all, you wouldn’t expect many to emerge unscathed after taking on a trio of Iron Man, Captain America, and Iron Man at the peak of their powers. Thanos did. But the mighty Thanos, who was the main villain in the Infinity Saga, is a thing of the past. All thanks to Marvel’s What If…?

The ocean of possibilities that What If…? is

Marvel Studios' What if...
What If…? explores various possibilities

It remains a difficult task to bring to screen the world of Marvel Comics. Multiple characters, infinite universes, diverging storylines. It would take a Herculean effort to recreate the multiple storylines. But it did happen in the end with Marvel’s What If…?


The move surely paid off.

Narrated by the Watcher, the show was a major hit. The first season, which was released in 2011, was treated to hitherto unforeseen stories, including T’Challa becoming star lord, Peggy Carter being injected with the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, and a version of the Sorcerer Supreme that was later made canon.

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What If…? has not been kind to Thanos

Josh Brolin as Thanos in a still from Avengers: Infinity War
What If…?’s Thanos is not the maverick he was in the MCU

That is what What If…? was all about. Experimenting with stories and going beyond what people could ever imagine. While the show was kind to most characters, it looks like the producers had a certain aversion for Thanos.

The purple deviant has made 6 appearances over two seasons of What If…? Barring a few timelines, including the one where T’Challa implores him to change his ways and one where he is accidentally sent back in time by Steve Rogers, things don’t pan out the way he wanted them to.

Fate hasn’t been kind to him after all.


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Everything that happened to Thanos

Thanos succumbed to one defeat after another

In one universe, Thanos who wields an almost complete infinity gauntlet lands in Wakanda. Much to his dismay, he had come to Earth only to be infected with a quantum virus that turned him into a zombie. In another universe, he would be instantaneously killed by a Vision in spite of having every other Infinity Stone under his control.

Things get interesting in the 2nd season, with one Thanos being killed by none other than his daughter Gamora aided by Tony Stark. Another version of Thanos is taken down by Ronan the Accuser, forcing her daughter Nebula to join the Nova Corps. And in another, he is confronted by Hela, who is accompanied by the armies of Asgard and the Ten Rings.


This reversal of fortunes seems unbalanced, as nothing should be.

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