MCU’s Greatest Improvised and Unscripted Moments

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From fantastic one-liners to mind-blowing death scenes, marvel cast members don’t always stick to the script. Below are some greatest improvised and unscripted moments from Marvel Cinematic Universe, which are even better than the original scripted version.


1. Tony Called Steve A “Liar.” – ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

In a scene when Tony Stark and Steve Rogers came face to face for the first time after they cut their ties in ‘Captain America: Civil War ‘. Tony confronts Steve for losing half of the universe’s population; He calls Steve a ‘liar’, and ‘Robert Downey Jr’ added this.


2. A Whole Conversation Between Tony Stark And Obadiah Stane – ‘Iron Man.’

(Jeff Bridges) Obadiah Stane played Tony’s evil father and secret partner in the movie ‘Iron Man.’ According to John Favreau, the film director, actors improvised their dialogues on the set. There was no proper script.

3. Robert Downey Jr. Snacking His Way Through The Sets Of MCU


According to many sources, Robert used to hide food on the sets. The filmmakers started including snacking scenes in between the movie, and guess what? People do love watching Robert snacking in the scenes.

4. A Funny Little Moment Between Tony And Peter.

During a scene, when Tony reveals that he knows Peter’s little secret. He tells Peter to move his leg aside so that he can sit besides him. It’s yet another example of Robert’s signature improvising techniques. This scene was so hilarious and It was a typical Tony Stark funny moment.


5. ‘Unfortunate Fate Of Peter Parker’ – Avengers Infinity War

Tom Holland totally improvised his death scene. He repeatedly said this dialogue “I don’t want to go” after he was told to act like he doesn’t want to go.

6. Tony admits that he is “Iron Man” – ‘Iron Man.’


According to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, Robert Downey Jr. improvised the scene in such a way that it became one of the most famous scenes in MCU.

7. The spontaneous “Get Help” scene – Thor Ragnarok

In Thor Ragnarok, Thor forced Loki to pretend like he was injured so that he could distract the guards. The scene wasn’t planned and they came up with it the same day they filmed it. Not only was it funny, it also depicted the bond between the characters.


8. “Why is Gamora” Line: Avengers Infinity War

In Avengers Infinity War, the two superhero teams seek answers from each other, Drax (Bautista) misinterprets a line of questioning about Gamora. Instead of saying “Where is Gamora?” He said, “Why is Gamora?” And the screenwriter liked the improvisation and used this dialogue.

9. Robert’s finale scene in Avengers: Endgame.


Coming to the last in the list of MCU’s Greatest Improvised and Unscripted Moments is the famous final scene, Tony’s death scene. According to the cast, there was no actual script for the last scene. Everything was going with the flow, the whole scene was improvised by Robert, and as we all know, the end was very emotional for us and even for the cast.


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