MCU’s Loki Tom Hiddleston Fantasized About Becoming a Woman, Getting B-east Implants and Taking up Pole Dancing

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Tom Hiddleston is not just one of the most loved actors but also one of the most loved anti-heroes. Loki has managed to win the hearts of the audience ever since he first debuted as the character in Thor. Whether it is in his interviews or otherwise, he has always been seen as a wholesome person who not many can dislike.

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston

Not only has he shined out beside every other villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his love for the fans and theirs for him has always been a connection cherished by both sides. One particular fantasy of his might have caught the fans off guard but they just couldn’t help but acknowledge how he was still charming in his own unique way.

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Tom Hiddleston’s Goal If He Became A Woman

Tom Hiddleston was once asked what he would do if he woke up as a woman. Thinking of it to be an interesting reply, the audience was also just as curious. Needless to say, the actor did not disappoint. He first added as to how he would like to have some br*ast implants that could further support him in the look.

Tom Hiddleston

“Implants… I would say,” he gestured at his chest. “Don’t know what I’m gonna do with these guys?”

It was how he gestured at his chest that confused the interviewer about what exactly he was talking about. She was wondering if he wanted to add onto his chest after he switched the bodies, which did make her more curious and she reiterated the same. That took the actor by surprise because he did not wonder about the bodies being switched but instead, him seeing himself as a woman. That was when he realized that he would already have the chest he was aiming towards getting.

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Tom Hiddleston Wanted To Pole Dance

Tom Hiddleston had to add more to what he would do as a woman. His reply made fans audibly squeal as he confirmed that he would then go pole dancing. They referred to him as cute and even fawned over how he would speak his mind without fearing public opinion. One of the many factors as to why he is loved so dearly is because of his candid nature.

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Tom Hiddleston as Loki

“I might go pole dancing.”

They even acknowledged how wonderful he is as a person. Be it his acting skills or his ability to win the hearts of fans with just a smile, Hiddleston has been one of the most admired actors.

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