EXCLUSIVE: Matrix 4 Villain Revealed

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FandomWire sources have just tipped us off with some exclusive Matrix 4 news. Producers are currently finalizing casting for the new Agent Smith, and his name is: AGENT WHITE. We hear he’ll be chasing a girl who causes interference in the Matrix, which hints as to what the plot of the film could be.


We’ve heard rumblings that there would be a female lead in this fourth chapter of The Matrix, a reported continuation of the original trilogy, and not a reboot. This female lead could be Iron Fist‘s Jessicca Henwick or Baywatch’s Priyanka Chopra, as both have recently been cast in the film.

While we have no look at The Matrix’s Agent White yet, photos and clips have been popping up all over social media, giving us our first look at Keanu Reeves on set of the fourth Matrix film with director Lana Wachowski.


As you can see from the clips, Keanu is sporting a much more laid back, bearded John Wick vibe, instead of his classic, clean-cut Neo look. Could these be public camera tests to trick us? Or could we be seeing a new version of Keanu/Neo in this movie.

We also saw pics of Trinity herself, Carrie Anne Moss showing up to set.

Last time we left the Matrix, with its mostly panned third chapter Matrix: Revolutions, Neo sacrificed himself to rid The Matrix of Agent Smith, who was destroying it beyond repair. The Matrix agreed to Neo’s demand of Peace between man and machines, and absorbed himself into Agent Smith to destroy him from within, killing them both.


Then the Mother and the Father of The Matrix (The Oracle and The Architect) met in the new, brightly designed Matrix to discuss “Just how long this peace is going to last?”, the Oracle responded: ““As long as it can,”.

They then ask if they’ll ever see Neo again, to which she replies: “I suspect so. Someday.” You can rewatch the final scene here.

While Neo’s journey seemed to end, this is Hollywood – and The Matrix made a boat load of money, even with its disappointing sequels. The ending clearly implies that the peace will be short lived, and that anything is possible regarding Neo.


Written by Andy Signore

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