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Meet Your Maker Review – Building A Better World (PS5)

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Meet Your Maker is the latest game to grace our consoles from Behaviour Interactive, the developers better known for the excellent Dead By Daylight. Whereas Dead By Daylight pits the players against one another in an asymmetrical multiplayer experience, vying to either escape as the survivor, or murder those very same survivors; Meet Your Maker follows a slightly different formula whilst still retaining the community multiplayer elements the studio has perfected.

Meet Your Maker throws players into the deep end, with humanity long since wiped from the planet bar a few cloned survivors, better known as your advisors, as well as a horrendously deformed Chimera, who acts as your guide throughout this terrifying and alien-looking world.

Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker is split into two distinct parts; raiding outposts built by other players, and building your own for others to raid. To be good at Meet Your Maker means you need to not only be good at both parts of the game, but to embrace them equally.

Building is arguably the bigger of the two halves, with building an outpost taking as long as you’re willing to be there for. The more time and thought you put into it, the harder other players will find to successfully raid your outpost. Building is similar to Minecraft in that everything is made of giant cubes, but that’s where the similarities end. Various traps can be placed on these blocks, from Impalers that do what they sound like, to Bomb Ejectors that’ll have you running to the nearest corner or highest ceiling to avoid being turned into red mist. These traps and the flexibility the building gives you affords players to be really cruel in their inventions, and some of my proudest creations were partnered with a cruel laugh knowing how frustrating and bloody they’d end up during other players attempts in my outposts.

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On the other side of the coin is the raiding, where you’ll spend your time attacking other players outposts to steal their Genetic Material, GenMat for short. GenMat is one of many resources you’ll encounter in the game, with various materials being needed to unlock new upgrades, weapons, traps etc, but GenMat is the main, most useful one by far. Raiding an outpost is where the game truly shines, and the replayability of the game shines. With each outpost being designed by another player, each one is a different idea of what they’d consider challenging.

Some outposts are nothing but armoured guards, others are constant fire traps. Some are simple to navigate and you’ll be wondering what the creator was playing at, others are frustrating beyond belief, yet incredibly rewarding when finally succeeding in stealing their precious GenMat. There were times I wanted to fistpump the air in celebration, and others where I’d decided I couldn’t possibly complete it, before giving it another go straight away.

Meet Your Maker

One of the masterstrokes of the game is the ability to bring a friend to build and to raid. In some cases it can be almost too easy with a friend tagging along to raid someone’s outpost, but in moments where they’re screaming in your ear to come and get them, or that they’re sick of picking you up when you’ve been downed by the umpteenth trap, you’ll be glad that you’re playing with them instead of solo if for no other reason than unlike playing it alone, dying isn’t the end of a run in co-op, which could save a complete fresh run of the entire outpost.

The aforementioned GenMat is used as a resource for yourself to level up your advisors, and in turn the Chimera, all which ends up giving you additional levels, skills and stats. There are five advisors for you to spend your time with, with each one dedicated to their own area of expertise; Weapons, Traps, Guards, Suits and Hardware. Upgrading and levelling these advisors will make your life easier on either side of the coin. Upgrade your weapon and you’ll find it easier to take out multiple guards. Upgrade a trap and you’ll notice the other Custodians aren’t making it through your outpost so easily. Everything is worthwhile, you just need to apply it somewhere.

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Meet Your Maker – A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker isn’t gonna be a game that you play for a weekend and complete. Just like the studio’s predecessor, you’re going to be playing it for years to come, and if the promised DLC roadmap is anything to go by, it isn’t going to be long before additional content is available.


Building and raiding is only limited by the player and their imagination, so as long as you can think up a different, new and inventive way to kill other players every time you build an outpost, you’ll struggle to grow bored of the game. To avoid anyone being a compete FPS-God and utterly destroying the guards and traps, the handling of the guns is slightly more sluggish than you might be accustomed to, but it ends up becoming second nature after a few run throughs regardless.

Meet Your Maker is genuinely good fun, and playing with a friend to build or raid only adds to that fun, especially with the friendly-fire on. As a whole the game not only plays well now, but has the scope to become even bigger and better with some additions down the line; hopefully Behaviour Interactive’s vision can match that. Meet Your Maker will scratch the itch for a lot of players looking for their next building/raiding fix, and you’ll be hard-pushed to find something more polished or fun right now.


8 Out of 10


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