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Meet Your Maker’s Lead Designer Pierre Rivest Talks The Game, Big Plans for the Future and a Potential Movie? (EXCLUSIVE)

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We recently had the chance to talk with Pierre Rivest, lead game designer on Behaviour Interactive’s latest community centric game Meet Your Maker. From the chances of a mobile app to tips on how to improve as a raider and builder, read on for some genuinely illuminating tidbits!

Q. With Meet Your Maker being a community game in the same way that Dead by Daylight is, how important is the initial feedback from fans the first few weeks after launch, and what do you think their suggestions/feedback might include?

Pierre: Extremely important! As devs we already have a clear roadmap on the improvements and additional content we would like to implement in the game. However, we are keeping a very close eye on surveys, live streams and forums on the lookout for other important action items that might not be on our radar, but that the game would benefit from.

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Q. Meet Your Maker is a fantastic game, with endless replayability and hopefully just like Dead by Daylight, years of support and content planned for us fans, but as with DBD you have regular pop-culture crossovers, is there anything planned in the same vein for Meet Your Maker, and if so, any hints you’d like to give us about what we can expect?

Pierre: We just launched the game and have been tremendously happy with the reception. Meet Your Maker’s essence as a UGC game gives us near unlimited opportunity for expanding. As of now, we are not ready to reveal anything specific, but if the game is as successful as we hope it will be, the sky is the limit!

Meet Your Maker

Q. With the building side of the game, are there any potential plans about bringing out an app to allow players to build-on-the-go? Commuting to work and being able to build my latest bases for people to raid would be a big draw for a game that is so easily accessible at a moment’s notice.

Pierre: No plans for a mobile app in the works for now. But the game was Steam Deck Verified just before launch if you are fortunate enough to have one of those.

Q. What was the most challenging aspect of the game not only to implement, but also to balance?

Pierre: No doubt about it, it’s the whole game economy. Balancing the resource gains of our different resources between two very distinct building and raiding experiences has been a challenge, balancing the outpost economy so players feel they have enough activity on the outpost they put online is also something we are following. Luckily, we are online now, we’ll look at the data dashboards and most likely will be tweaking some of these systems in the future to improve the game.

Q. What are the eventual end goals of the game, and how do you expect the game to change from what it is now, to what it will be in five years?

Pierre: Our end goal is to have a healthy, growing community of players who engage with the game in the way that best suits them. I believe that five years from now, the game will have an incredibly deep sandbox of tools for building and raiding and socializing.

Meet Your Maker


Q. Does Meet Your Maker mean content and support will be slowed down or even stopped for Dead by Daylight?

Pierre: No. Although within Behaviour, cross team collaboration and knowledge sharing is something fundamental and always present, both teams are distinct and working on their own feature set and roadmap.

Q. Is there any particular facet of the game that you weren’t able to implement due to time/budget/direction etc that you wish you could bring into the game as it is now?

Pierre: We are very happy with the state we’ve been able to ship Meet Your Maker. As we develop a game over the course of many years, there are obviously a few features we had to put on the backburner, but now that we are released, we’ll see if these features still fit in the games released roadmap.

Q. What is one tip you would like to give to players to help them become building and raiding Gods?

Pierre: Hahaha! I don’t know about becoming a god, but maybe a Master? The key is learning. For building, as the building and raiding are so tightly intertwined, I think the main one is learning from your own raids, pay attention while raiding for setups of other builders that worked against you, take note, replicate them, improve them, and use them in your outposts! For the raiding aspect, keep in mind that there is a counter for everything. I would say learn how traps and guards behave, learn how mods and augmentations change these behaviours and with that knowledge, you will be able to raid with confidence and more success.

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Meet Your Maker

Q. Games live and die in the details, so what small, seemingly insignificant part of the game is the team as a whole proud of?

Pierre: We established a solid vision for what Meet Your Maker should be early in development and have stuck with it throughout our three years of production. Now that we are out, our goal is to push the game to new heights and that’s exactly what we are going to do!

Q. Finally, with recent news of Behaviour Interactive partnering with Blumhouse to adapt Dead by Daylight, what does the future look like for the studio, and should we be expecting a similar announcement in the future for Meet Your Maker?

Pierre: Behaviour is thrilled with the recent announcement of Dead by Daylight’s adaptation to the big screen and expansion of its universe. At the moment, we are still focused on the game’s successful launch and it is still too early to discuss such partnerships, but I am one to dream big and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Meet Your Maker

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