Mel Gibson Almost Joined the MCU as Asgardian Patriarch in Chris Hemsworth Film Before Passing His Role To Hannibal Star Anthony Hopkins

Mel Gibson Almost Joined the MCU as Asgardian Patriarch in Chris Hemsworth Film Before Passing His Role To Hannibal Star Anthony Hopkins
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Anthony Hopkins might have aged up a little. But that hasn’t dampened his charisma. The 85-year-old still knows how to deliver a masterpiece when his time comes. Old age has not come his way as The Father star continues to make an indelible mark on the audience even in the Thor franchise. But as it turns out, he was not even the first person in line for the role of the Asgardian Patriarch. It fell first to Mel Gibson.


Mel Gibson could have featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Mel Gibson in The Professor and The Madman
Mel Gibson was offered Odin’s role before Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins might have stolen the show in the Cate Blanchett starrer with his ‘Asgard is the people’ speech. But he was not even the front-runner for the role. The people who were in charge of Thor were considering another veteran for the role. 

Mel Gibson was reportedly offered the role of the All-father. The revelation was made by none other than the Mad Max star in an interview with The Guardian while promoting another film of his. 


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The man, the Myth, the Legend

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson has quite the career

Mel Gibson is a Hollywood veteran. The 67-year-old is (separating the art from the artist) a talented actor. He has done it all, even turning director on countless occasions with a fair amount of success as well. Controversies marred his acting career, forcing him to withdraw from The Hangover: Part II.

That doesn’t mean Gibson has lost it. The Lethal Weapon 3 star featured in movies like The Expendables 3 and Blood Father. It was in the course of promoting the latter that he opened up on how he felt about superhero films. And how he could have been in one.


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Mel Gibson is not a fan of modern superhero movies

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson had no interest in playing Odin

In an interview with The Guardian‘s Nigel Smith, the Machete Kills star lamented how contemporary superhero movies were nothing but purely a business affair. He said,

“I think you used to get more variety of stories, films and performances. You had more of a chance of a profound film experience.”

Anything close to such an experience had to be done “twice as fast and for half the money.” In the course of the interview, the What Women Want star told Nigel that he rejected the offer to play Odin in the Thor franchise, a decision motivated by his disdain for these movies.


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Source: The Guardian


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