Mel Gibson and Sylvester Stallone Had a Chance to Steal Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Billion Dollar Franchise From Him

Mel Gibson and Sylvester Stallone Had a Chance to Steal Arnold Schwarzenegger's Billion Dollar Franchise From Him

Mel Gibson’s Hollywood journey has been marked by controversy, yet the undeniable success of his work is evident. Nevertheless, there are notable projects he either declined or missed out on. One of the significant opportunities Gibson passed on was the film Gladiator.

The guy who foresaw it all: Mel Gibson
The guy who foresaw it all: Mel Gibson

As per the actor’s explanation, he deemed himself too advanced in age to embrace a role like that. As we’ll later uncover, Mel almost considered rejecting Braveheart due to financial constraints, but fortunately, he chose to remain committed to the project.

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Mel Gibson And Sylvester Stallone Were Considered For The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger achieved great success as The Terminator; however, the actor himself disclosed that he wasn’t the initial pick for the role. Furthermore, he harbored doubts about taking on the character, primarily due to its minimal dialogue and uncertainty about whether it would advance his career.

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In the end, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s perspective on another character secured him a place in the legendary franchise. As reported by Collider, James Cameron was intrigued by Arnold’s insights regarding Yul Brenner’s portrayal in Westworld. Recognizing his grasp of such a ‘robotic‘ role, Cameron extended the offer to him.

Mel Gibson
Mad Max star, Mel Gibson

Arnold Schwarzenegger personally disclosed that O.J. Simpson had been the favored choice for the role during that period. Nevertheless, numerous other names circulated as potential candidates, among them Mel Gibson, who was emerging as a prominent figure in the action film genre during that era.

In the end, Gibson had to decline the franchise as he didn’t envision himself as a suitable fit for such a role despite being a renowned action hero at the time. Other prominent figures under consideration included Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rival Sylvester Stallone, along with Tom Selleck, Michael Douglas, and in an unusual twist, Chevy Chase.

Don’t sympathize too much for Mel Gibson, as he managed to land other significant action roles, such as Braveheart. Nonetheless, as reported by People, this was a substantial challenge because the two parties couldn’t come to terms on an appropriate budget.

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Mel Gibson Has Turned Down Another Major Franchise

Mel Gibson’s career held intriguing opportunities that he either missed out on or declined. One such prospect was The Flintstones, a role that might have steered his career in a unique and captivating direction. Additionally, Gibson passed on the role of Robin Hood, which ultimately went to Kevin Costner.

Mel Gibson in The Professor and The Madman
Mel Gibson in The Professor and The Madman

Alec Baldwin ultimately took on the character of George Ellerby in The Departed, but initially, the role was extended to Mel Gibson. However, Gibson declined the opportunity in favor of his directorial role in Apocalypto, a decision that, despite the fresh experience, he might now look back on with some regret.

When it comes to franchise roles, The Terminator wasn’t the sole project that Gibson decided not to pursue. He was actually in the running for significant blockbusters like James Bond and the part of Maximus in Gladiator. It could have been intriguing to witness Gibson in either of these films, but it’s undeniable that the actors who ultimately took on these roles performed exceptionally well.

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