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Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, Best Pals In Thunder Force

Real-life best friends Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer will be appearing as “reel” life best friends in Netflix’s Thunder Force. The film is going to be a comedy-action movie, showcasing their bond before and after becoming superheroes. The movie is both written and directed by Ben Falcone. Ben has a history of working with Melissa on a few films like Tammy, Life of The Party. Netflix released the film trailer on March 3, 2021, which shows the two reuniting after being the best of friends in their childhood. 

Thunder Force Trailer 

Trailer of Thunder Force
Trailer released on March 3, 2021

The trailer already seems to set a benchmark for the film. It reveals the two childhood best friends reunite after a long time. While one (Octavia) is a scientist experimenting on giving superpowers to ordinary people, the other happens to be in the wrong place to play around with things (McCarthy). McCarthy is accidentally injected with the only formula they have for strength, making her super powerful. It also reveals Octavia’s superpowers of becoming invisible. 

The town is going to face a villain who seems to be Bobby Cannavale. Chicago is going to need them to stand together to stop the havoc. At the end of the movie’s trailer, there is a sneak peek of another character, played by Jason Bateman. The crab-clawed character seems to be here to help them defeat the evil. The movie seems to be a party for both action and comedy lovers.

McCarthy And Spencer In An Interview

Melissa McCarthy & Octavia Spencer
McCarthy and Octavia talk fondly about each other

In an interview, McCarthy joked about the “classic” theme of the movie, where two best friends come together after being separated for a very long time. She describes the plot as the smarter one, among them develops a genetically engineered formula. It gives them superpowers to beat the miscreants. 

In the interview, both talked fondly of each other, which reflects upon their real-life friendship. Spencer says that she loved working with Melissa, who’s talented, funny, and kind. She described her dedication by saying, “the first person to arrive and the last one to leave the set.” She added that Melissa brings a different kind of energy and always brings something hilarious to every take.

Melissa equally enjoyed working with her best friend, whom she has known for over two decades. She added, “I can’t believe two girls who waited in line for The Price Is Right 20 years ago got to run around in superhero suits fighting and winning against the bad guys. It felt like a fever dream.” 


Thunder Force Trailer
Melissa McCarthy in a scene from Thunder Force

The movie promises to make fans hold their stomachs and the edges of their seats simultaneously while watching the movie. The film releases on Netflix on April 9.

Source: People