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Memes That Show The Hate For John Walker

This list has spoilers for the second episode of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Please refrain from scrolling down if you haven’t caught up yet.



With the second episode out, the fans of the show have witnessed the man who took up Captain America’s mantle. His name is John Walker, played by Wyatt Russell. Better known as the target for fans to hate on. The character is shown to be so unaware of his words and body language that it frustrates the fans to the core. The hilarious memes that have spurred from this hatred are just outstanding and hilarious. We thought to share some of the best of the memes with our readers to get some laughter in these times.

1.Suffering from success

Fandomwire Video

2.The conspiracy theorists took it to the heart

3.The callback from the fans

4.How to get away with murder: Bucky Edition


5.He had that one coming

6.Violence is always the solution

7.Bucky seems to vibe with fans on this character


8.At least they agreed on something

9.John Walker after seeing all the hate

10.This meme is too accurate to the show


11.Chris Evans sums up the feeling pretty well for the fans

12.We know Steve.. we know….

That’s it for our top picks for all the “love” for John Walker, the Walmart version of Captain America according to the fans. Who knows how many memes will pop up in the future episodes of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. All we know is that we absolutely do not like John and his buddy “Battlestar”.



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