Mephisto Becomes An Important Figure In Marvel… ONCE AGAIN

Marvel has just made Mephisto a prominent figure in the comics once again, and this can lead into the MCU as well. You all remember how the Internet was flooded with Mephisto theories after the Disney+ shows WandaVision and Loki. In the former, fans believed that it was him who was pulling all the strings and controlling Wanda. However, it is later revealed that it is Agatha Harkness who is messing with Wanda’s fragile mind. Similarly, Loki‘s director Kate Herron shot down any such rumors, explaining that the possible Mephisto reference was actually for Loki himself. However, Marvel has just made Mephisto an important figure in the comics once again. Check it out!

Mephisto Is An Important Figure In Marvel Comics Once Again

Mephisto is back in Marvel
Mephisto is back in Marvel

All the Mephisto rumors were shot down and the fans weren’t too with it. Even though he was a no-show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s a different case for the comics. He has now back with a vengeance in several Marvel Comics storylines. However, one that particularly stands out is Amazing Spider-Man #74 by Nick Spencer and Christos Gage. It also includes several artists such as Marcelo Ferreira, Zé Carlos, Dio Neves, Mark Bagley, Carlos Gómez, Ivan Fiorelli and Humberto Ramos.

Mephisto In Marvel Comics makes a deal with Norman Osborn
Mephisto In Marvel Comics makes a deal with Norman Osborn

Despite his many appearances in Marvel, Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man reveals a major secret. It is now made clear that Norman previously makes a deal with Mephisto which eventually changes the course of Harry, Norman, and Peter’s life. One thing that makes it more interesting is that Mephisto previously has a vision. The vision shows him that Peter and Gwen’s daughter would be the one to stop him. Moreover, this deal is the main reason for some of Peter’s major losses. For example, Gwen’s death and Harry’s transformation into Green Goblin.


As far as the MCU is considered, Mephisto seems a bit too far away, but a possible candidate. And for the comics, he still continues to haunt our heroes. Moreover, he maintains his status as one of the best Marvel villains of all time.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht