Messed Up Superhero Parents That Make The Joker Sound Sane

Superheroes are idealized for doing everything right and are supposed to be perfect. But are they really? Every superhero has their weakness and negative aspects. For some of them, it is parenting. To us, it might seem cool to have superhero parents but in some cases, it is not. Some of our favorite heroes do not make good parents. There are certain second-generation superheroes, with superhero parents so messed up that they make Joker sound sane.

Wolverine is not the best at parenting

Wolverine is one of the messed up superhero parents

When it comes to superhero parents who made their lives terrible, Wolverine has to be one of the best examples. In the film Logan, it has become quite evident that the superhero is not very good at parenting. X-23 was not his child but was a clone of his DNA and also has the foot blades. It might have been that if he got to her she would have been different. But most think not. She did turn out to be okay and is the next Wolverine. It could be because Logan is dead. He also had a pseudo child, Daken too. The poor little one was ripped out of the womb and trained to kill Wolverine. Though, Wolverine cannot be directly blamed for his kids turning out bad. Only if he had fewer enemies his kids would’ve had a better life.

Aquaman makes serious parenting mistakes

Aquaman is one the messed up superhero parents

Not that he had the world’s best parents himself. But sadly, Aquaman follows in his parents’ footsteps and makes similar mistakes as them. His careless nature got Aquagirl killed by Chemo while Aqualad is in constant danger. He couldn’t even keep Aquababy safe. Mera and his first child died while he was killing his sidekick in battle. Not only is he a terrible dad but an equal terrible dad. He ruined his relationship with Mera and blamed her for the death of the baby. Koryak too was killed in Infinite Crisis, and he did not even know much about him. All of this proves that he is definitely not the best dad out there.

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Vision should not have kids

Vision is one of the messed up superhero parents

Tired of the Avenger life, Vision left to go on and live a normal life. But what really is a normal life of an AI robot. Well, according to Vision it is trying to live like humans. Though his relationship with Wanda fell apart, it never meant that his will to be human did. So, to do that he decided to get a regular job and settle. He built a family, as he did not want to settle alone. He made his wife by stealing a woman’s consciousness. Also, he combined their consciousness to create twins, Vin and Vis. But it turned out to be a terrible idea. As none of the two knew how to really raise a kid and they started murdering people.

Omni-Man is not a great Superhero parent

Omni-Man is one the messed superhero parents

Bad superhero parents are everywhere there are superheroes. So, in this list is Omni-Man from Image Comics. He is from the Invincible universe and comes from a superhuman race called Viltrumite. He has super strength, speed, flight, and immortality. But the superhuman powers do not give him the abilities to be a great dad. The worst a parent can do to their kid is to lie to them. And Omni-Man did it in the worst way possible. Not only he lied to his family but to the world about being a hero. He really is a villain trying to take over the entire race and is nothing that he told his son. He also beats his son to death in his wish to leave the planet.

Green Arrow’s parenting skills aren’t as good as his aim

Green Arrow is one of the messed superhero parents
Green Arrow

Oliver Queen is known for his perfect aim, but he himself is not that perfect. Also, definitely not a great superhero parent. He abandoned his son and made his life miserable. When he couldn’t deal with the fact of being a dad, he abandoned his wife and kid. And when he met him later, it just made it worse for Connor. As he had come to the solution was lying about having any knowledge that he had a kid. Connor knew the entire time that Oliver was lying. Also, Oliver did not confess he knew till his son was dying.

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