‘Metro Exodus’ To Skip Steam In Favor of Epic’s Store

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Post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus is skipping out on its originally planned release on the Steam store in favor of Epic’s game store on PC.


Publisher Deep Silver announced earlier today that the latest installment in the Metro franchise would be released exclusively for PC on the Epic store when it launches on February 15th. The previous two installments in the series will also be available for purchase later this year.

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The recent announcement marks another major milestone for Epic, which launched in competition with Steam last year. It comes following the recent announcement that publisher Ubisoft would be releasing the PC version of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 exclusively on Epic’s store among other future releases, despite having their titles listed on Steam in the past. Prospective publishers and developers have largely been attracted to Epic’s store as a result of the company’s ability to offer them a generous 12% split of revenue for profits earned as opposed to the 30% split offered by Steam. It is a colossal get for companies seeking to increase their gains and satisfy investors.

Deep Silver CEO Dr. Klemens Kundratitz released a statement regarding the recent decision to sever ties with Steam.

“Epic’s generous revenue terms are a game changer that will allow publishers to invest more into content creation, or pass on savings to the players,” stated Kundratitz. “By teaming up with Epic we will be able to invest more into the future of Metro and our ongoing partnership with series developer 4A Games, to the benefit of our Metro fans.”


Deep Silver also stated that customers who previously pre-ordered Metro Exodus through digital retailers will have their pre-orders honored. Metro Exodus‘ storefront page on Steam is set to be removed today and the announcement is featured front-and-center.

Pre-order your copy of Metro Exodus here.

Set in 2036, two years after the events of Metro: Last Light, on a post-apocalyptic Earth that has been devastated by a nuclear war 23 years ago. The game continues the story from Metro: Last Lights “Redemption” ending. Similar to the previous two entries, the player assumes the role of 28-year-old Artyom who flees the Metro in Moscow and sets off on a continent-spanning journey with Spartan Rangers to the far east. Artyom first travels around the Volga River, not far from the Ural Mountains, to get a ride on a locomotive known as the “Aurora” that heads east for a new life. The story takes place over the course of one year, starting with a harsh nuclear winter in the metro. Another major character, returning from the previous game and the book Metro 2035, is Anna – who is now Artyom’s wife


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