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Michael B. Jordan’s Favorite $252M Creed 3 Scene Signals Creed 4 Will Focus on Daughter Amara

Michael B. Jordan’s Favorite $252M Creed 3 Scene Signals Creed 4 Will Focus on Daughter Amara

While the Rocky franchise made a lot of rumble at the theatres and birthed an entire fanbase dedicated to the genre, its spin-off franchise, Creed, with Michael B. Jordan stands a class apart. With Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, and Jonathan Majors, the younger and more formative cinematic universe has already become somewhat like royalty among the audience, and its spectacular success at the box office and the critics’ luncheons means only one thing: bring on the next installment and it better be bigger than ever.

Michael B. Jordan in Creed 3
Michael B. Jordan in Creed 3

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Creed 4 Hype Rises After the High-Voltage Delivery of Creed 3

As far as Adonis Creed is concerned, there is no stopping him – be it within the rings of boxing or the world of Hollywood beyond it. Michael B. Jordan just keeps delivering and getting better with each of his performances. And it is only understandable then that the star of one of the most successful and highest-earning film series would find no problem furthering his legacy and cementing it at the same level as his predecessor’s with the Creed sequel franchise. 

Creed 3 - a still from the film
Creed 3 – A still from the film

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With the recent mind-numbing success of the threequel, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect for Jordan to launch the production details and news of having the fourth Creed film in development. By the look of things, the exodus of emotions, and the unmitigated attachment to the plot that was felt in every nerve and sinew of Creed 3, there is simply no way to prevent the inevitability of a follow-up. And although Creed 4 has not been announced officially by the studios, Jordan thinks a follow-up in the future is destined to happen “for sure.”

The sheer intensity and unwarranted vulnerability that the franchise has made the audience feel now asks to be acknowledged and what better way to do so than give the masses a taste of what’s to come? 

Michael B. Jordan Drops a Hint About the Creed 4 Plot

Mila Davis-Kent
Mila Davis-Kent

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Regarding box office blockbusters, Michael B. Jordan simply has a nose for success. And not just commercial ones at that but Oscar-worthy projects that deserve more than a single watch at the theatres. And considering how grand a sensation he has been since the release of Creed 3, it makes sense for Jordan to slyly drop a hint about what the plot of Creed 4 could revolve around. In a new Twitter update, it seems the fourth installment will all be about Mila Davis-Kent’s Amara.

During his interview with IGN in February 2023, Jordan claimed: “I just want to expand the Creed-verse within reason, but definitely expect other things around Creed for sure.” And although that can mean many things ranging from a potential Creed 4 to a spin-off film or series starring a secondary protagonist from the Creed verse, the possibilities are endless. For now, if the fourth film does come to pass, the hype surrounding Amara and her arc of development will be a beautiful story for sure.

Creed 3 is now playing in theatres.

Source: Twitter | Michael B. Jordan

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