Michael Bay Gets Charged with Killing a Pigeon in Italy in 2018, But Denies the Allegation: “I am a well-known animal lover and major animal activist”

Michael Bay Gets Charged with Killing a Pigeon in Italy in 2018, But Denies the Allegation: “I am a well-known animal lover and major animal activist”
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Transformers director Michael Bay is facing charges after a pigeon was killed during the filming of the movie 6 Underground in Italy in 2018. The filmmaker has tried to clear his name and denied the allegation several times.

Michael Bay
Michael Bay

Italian authorities reported that a homing pigeon was slaughtered during the production. Pigeons are a well-known breed of avians in Italy, and are a protected species under the law. It is illegal to harm or capture wild birds, as also declared in the Birds Directive of the European Union.

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Transformers Director Michael Bay Denies Killing A Pigeon On Set

According to a report from an insider, a pigeon was harmed by a dolly, while shooting in Rome. The source was at the set when the incident happened, took a photo, and showed it to the Italian authorities.

Michael Bay denied the accusation and responded that no animal was hurt during the 6 Underground production. He told The Wrap:

I am a well-known animal lover and major animal activist. No animal involved in the production was injured or harmed. Or on any other production I’ve worked on in the past 30 years.”

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6 Underground Michael Bay
A scene from 6 Underground

Bay attempted to clear the case three times in the past five years. The director revealed that he was offered to be released from the charges if he would pay the fine. He declined and firmly stood by his statement.

We have clear video evidence, a multitude of witnesses, and safety officers that exonerates us from these claims. And disproves their one paparazzi photo — which gives a false story. There is an ongoing court case, so I cannot get into the specifics, but I am confident we will prevail when I have my day in court.”

Bay was held responsible for the incident, and his legal team worked hard to win the case. The director reiterated that he would not plead guilty to harming an animal.

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6 Underground Won’t Get A Sequel

6 Underground
Michael Bay’s 6 Underground sequel gets cancelled

6 Underground was shot in different locations, namely: Italy, Hungary, California, and the United Arab Emirates. Several scenes were shot in Rome, Florence, Sienna, and Taranto. Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds starred in the action thriller movie, following a bunch of vigilantes who faked their deaths to overthrow a wicked dictator.

The movie was released both in theaters and on Netflix but was poorly received by critics and fans. The planned sequel was also canceled due to low audience reception.

Meanwhile, Michael Bay is prepping for the future Transformers sequels. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will premiere on June 9, 2023.


Source: The Wrap

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