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Michael Jordan Cameo Twist In Space Jam 2 Explained

Space Jam: A New Legacy was definitely on thin ice when it came to its success. Its predecessor, the 1996 live-action/animation hybrid was in fact well received by the fans. So it was naturally thought that Michael Jordan, the star of the prequel and an NBA legend would have a cameo. Moreover, actor Don Cheadle confirmed in an interview that Jordan will appear but it won’t be what people are expecting. Space Jam 2 star LeBron James had said in the past that his movie isn’t really a sequel. But still, it found a way to pay homage to the veteran, Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan Cameo Twist Explained


While the movie did make a reference to the NBA legend, it wasn’t him who popped up for the cameo. It was actually Michael B. Jordan – Black Panther and Creed actor. When in the locker room, Sylvester barged in and explained that he had found Michael Jordan among the audience. Following this, B. Jordan stepped out of the shadow and James instantly recognized him.

So it went something like this. Jordan was getting his popcorn and Sylvester spotted him. And of course, Sylvester wasn’t aware that he is a movie star and not the NBA legend. Anyhow, after explaining their differences, Michael B. Jordan leaves with an Easter egg. He says, “clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” This is an Easter egg to the NBC high school football drama, Friday Night Lights.

Mixed Reactions To Michael B. Jordan’s Cameo


B Jordan’s cameo came as a disappointment to James and the Tunes. But it definitely made up for a fun surprising element. So it was a cheeky way to paying respect to Michael Jordan. Moreover, after seeing Jordan, Sylvester noted that he made the mistake because he assumed the basketball player had “aged gracefully” over the last 25 years. And that is exactly when the first movie was released. So a good tribute here, keeping in mind that the movie is not a sequel.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht