Microsoft Reportedly Using the Xbox Summer Showcase as a Springboard to Break the Handheld Market Wide Open with Xbox Handheld Set to be Unveiled

There are many rumors surrounding this big event.



  • YouTuber and insider eXtas1s has sensitive information about what the upcoming Xbox Summer Showcase will reveal.
  • According to this insider, Microsoft could be shadow dropping a game after an event. The title could be Avowed, Flight Simulator, Fable, or Towerborne, among others.
  • He also said that the Xbox handheld will be finally introduced, with various details.
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With less than five days until the Xbox Summer Showcase, the leakers are beginning to make their work. The popular Spanish YouTuber and insider, eXtas1s, has made several allegations about the contents of this event. 


One of the rumors is about how some big games revealed, like Avowed, Fable, Towerborne, and Flight Simulator, will be shadow dropping after the event. The YouTuber has also confirmed that the event will unveil the Xbox handheld console, revealing its first official look and other significant details.

The Xbox Summer Showcase Will Be Shadow Dropping a Game, According to a Popular Insider

Avowed could be one of the games shadowing dropping after the Xbox Summer Showcase ends.
Avowed could be one of the games shadow dropping after the Xbox Summer Showcase ends.

Following PlayStation’s somewhat disappointing State of Play, Microsoft’s upcoming event, which will unveil all its upcoming games, is the focus of attention. Fans expect to see titles like Gears 6, a new Halo, another Doom game, and many others.


 This presentation will be on June 9 and could really make a difference for the brand, which has been going through a particularly bad year. The popular Spanish insider and YouTuber eXtas1s has been saying that he has solid information about what will happen at the upcoming Xbox Summer Showcase.

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One of the main rumors that this event is expected to confirm is the inclusion of a shadow drop for one of Microsoft’s exclusive games, such as Avowed, Towerborne, Flight Simulator, Fable, or any of the latest games that have been previously introduced.


Can We Expect the Xbox Handheld to be Shown?

An insider claims that the Xbox handheld will be revealed on the event.
An insider claims that the Xbox handheld will be revealed on the event.

In another YouTube video, the insider confirmed that the new Xbox handheld will be one of the key announcements at the event.


This particular hardware will only share its first look without a release date or even price; Microsoft will just introduce this new console. Rumors about Microsoft’s new portable handheld surfaced a few months ago, indicating a shift in their game and ecosystem strategies.


This event presents a significant opportunity for the brand to reverse the negative perception of the company following the closure of multiple studios and the confirmed layoffs this year. Players want to see big names and dates revealed on the presentation, with more exclusive titles coming to both consoles and PC. There is a lot of expectation put into this showcase; Xbox needs to improve its sales.

Once this event is over, Activision Blizzard will have its own showcase, revealing the first gameplay trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. According to Microsoft, this new entry in the popular and billion-dollar franchise will be Day 1 on Game Pass, making a big change for the service in the coming years. There are also rumors about a price increase once this and other major titles are confirmed to be in service.

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