Microsoft’s New Xbox Revealed at The Game Awards 2019

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Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox has been discussed for a while now under the name ‘Project Scarlett’ but it finally has a launch title – Xbox Series X.


Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, revealed the console at Games Award 2019 and, on stage, he said: “[Series X is] our most powerful Xbox” and that Microsoft’s first-party studios are currently working on “the largest and most creatively diverse line-up of exclusive games in our history.”

This new console will be released in Holiday 2020 just as the PlayStation 5 is but it will go on sale prior to this date. No cost has been announced just yet.


In an interview with GameSpot, Phil Spencer said: “We wanted to design a console where the form was driven by function.”

According to Spencer, the new console will have a CPU power that is four times that of the Xbox One X, making it one of the most powerful on the market.

The Xbox logo seen at the top of the console is the power button and, beyond that, there is little else other than the disc drive.


The controller, also seen in the picture, is based on the old one but it is more rounded and has a new share button to make accessing features such as uploading images far more intuitive.

According to Spencer, the new controller has been altered subtly to make it fit 98% of hands, which is an increase from the previous 95% and this new controller is compatible with both the current generation of Xbox consoles and PCs.

In a few months, E3 20202 will roll around and Spencer claimed: “It will be a big beat for us, and we expect that to be really important.”


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