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10 Facts About Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Movie

You must have heard about “Mighty Morphin power rangers-movie” , but do you know everything about it?! Think again for once! Mighty Morphin Power Ranger is a 1995 American superhero action movie.

It was the first movie from the Power Ranger movie series. Here are some unknown and fascinating facts you should know about the first-ever Power Ranger movie: “Mighty morphin power rangers-movie”

1. Conflicting schedule and Delays on the set:

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When the shooting of “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” movie first began on the set, the cast had only three months to complete the shoot as they had to go back and finish the shoot of the finale episode of the second season of ‘The Power Rangers series’. Therefore, the cast had to work overtime to finish the shoot.

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2. Recasting of some major roles.

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The directors of ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ mistreated the cast on the set. Even the working conditions for the cast was very unfavorable and the schedule became very strenuous. The cast was not paid enough according to the work they did. Therefore, the director recasted the yellow, black and red ranger.

3. Unfavorable working conditions for the cast!


The rangers used to wear a 40-pound suit every single day for ten hours! It became so difficult for the cast to breathe in those tightly fitted costumes that two co-stars Amy Jo Johnson and Karan Ashley reported experiencing severe back pain and body pain.

4. “The Injured Stuntman”

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If you are an actor working in an action movie then it becomes obvious that you may get injured any time doing an action scene. In an action sequence, Jason David Frank kicked a stuntman so hard that he fell unconscious on the ground.

5. “Too Much Purple For a Villain”

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‘Paul Freeman’ who played the role of ‘Ivan Ooze’ the great and powerful villain used to drink blackcurrant juice so that his tongue could look purple. It took five to six hours for him to get ready with that huge costume and makeup!

6. “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: A huge box office disappointment”

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Critics gave a very average review about the movie, the bad performance and cringe-worthy effects resulted in negative comments. Though the power ranger fans still loved the movie.

7. “The Rat Creatures”

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The rat creatures which earlier were created by ‘Ivan Ooze’ in the original script got replaced by ‘Oozemen’. But they were too cringe-y!


8. “A Cameraman Replaced The Director!”


‘Bryan Spicer’ who was a cameraman and with good experience in the entertainment field replaced the original director ‘Steve Wang’. However, the main problem was he never really saw any power ranger series!

9. ” Conflict Between The Old Cast Vs New”

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Karen Ashley, Johnny Young Bosch and Steve Cardenas were the new faces of yellow, black and red rangers. The addition of these new rangers resulted in tension between the old rangers and the new ones!

10. “The Brutal Tengu Warriors: Deleted Scene”

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Tengu warriors were bird-like frightening villains, produced by Ivan Ooze to fight with the rangers but after the scene, the director decided to delete the scene as it looked too violent and overpowered the rangers.

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