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Mike Flanagan Reunites With Doctor Sleep Actor For A New Horror Series

Carl Lumbly from Doctor Sleep is working again with renowned horror director Mike Flanagan for a new Netflix series called The Fall of the House of Usher.

Mike Flanagan The Fall of the House of Usher Netflix

The actor starred in Flanagan’s adaptation of The Shining sequel, a novel by acclaimed writer Stephen King. Both of them will be reuniting for the television adaptation of the same title by classic horror author Edgar Allan Poe.

Aside from Lumbly, other cast includes Bruce Greenwood, Carla Gugino, Mark Hamill, Mary McDonnell, Willa Fitzgerald, Samantha Sloyan, Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel, and Malcolm Goodwin.

Mike Flanagan And Carl Lumbly On Doctor Sleep

Carl Lumbly Mike Flanagan

While Lumbly was discussing his role in the biographical drama I’m Charlie Walker, he talked about his upcoming work with Flanagan. The actor expressed positive emotions regarding their reunion (via Screen Rant):

Bliss. Bliss. I don’t exactly know if it’s my place to say this, but he’s even better than he was when we did Doctor Sleep. He’s what I love about being in this business and being an artist, he’s constantly seeking, he’s constantly going, he doesn’t finish. Anything you could do, you could do richer, deeper, fuller and better and I think that’s the way he operates,” Lumbly said.

Flanagan And His Web Of Horror Series

Mike Flanagan Midnight Mass cast

The actor mentioned how Flanagan likes to cast the same people in his project, and his respect for both the crew and the quality of work. The director developed close friendships with the people behind the camera which proves that he also values professional work and human connections equally.

So it’s just a joy, and it’s the kind of joy that you know is real because I’m not the only one who thinks so. Everyone, and I’m talking about crew people and everyone on that project, has that same sense of this individual. He is a real deal,” Lumbly added.

The Midnight Club logo Mike Flanagan

There is still no specific release date yet for The Fall of the House of Usher. Meanwhile, fans can anticipate Mike Flanagan’s upcoming horror show on Netflix, The Midnight Club, which arrives on October 7, 2022.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.