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Mike Flanagan Teases New Project With The Last of Us Star Pedro Pascal as Fans Convinced Actor Attached With Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Project

Mike Flanagan Teases New Project With The Last of Us Star Pedro Pascal as Fans Convinced Actor Attached With Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Project

The news that Flanagan and Macy have acquired the rights to the massive book series—which draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including dark fantasy, science fantasy, horror, and Western—was revealed in an interview with Deadline by the actors, who are well-known for their extensive film and television work in the horror subgenre. For The Dark Tower, which he has referred to for years as his ideal project, Flanagan disclosed that he has prepared a pilot screenplay and season outlines. According to creator Mike Flanagan, the project will first be two stand-alone films, then a five-season TV series.

Pedro Pascal to be cast as Roland Deschain in The Dark Tower

pedro pascal hbo alamy 1
Pedro Pascal in Game of Thrones

Many studios, including and not limited to Sony/MRC/Imagine movie starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, followed by an Amazon/MRC pilot, written by Glen Mazzara, have tried to bring The Dark Tower to life. All of them have been unsuccessful so far. But recent news and tweets have kept fans on edge. Flanagan and Pascal met each other, which has Twitter up and running into all kinds of theories. Fans finally conjectured that Pedro Pascal will probably be a part of Mike Flanagan’s The Dark Tower. 

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Pedro Pascal is one of the most prominent actors currently; his work in Mandalorian and The Last of Us is creating waves. The actor is getting noticed and has become a household name as well as critics favorite. Fans speculate that Pedro Pascal might be cast as Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger who is also the protagonist of the story.

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Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy completely disappointed with Netflix

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Mike Flanagan

When asked how the creator and director feel about Netflix canceling his show The Midnight Club, Flanagan opened up about how they felt utterly disappointed by the streaming service. The show was canceled after he signed a deal with Amazon Studios which was not completely unexpected. The director said,

“Oh, no, I don’t think was a response to us leaving. We’re very disappointed. Of course, you always want a show that you designed to be ongoing to go on. As part of a lot of the changes that happened at Netflix over the last few years, we noticed in particular that the strategy with which they roll out new shows has undergone a lot of change.” 

He continued,

When we agreed to do The Midnight Club, the entire company was very different. I think we both feel it’s safe to say that a show like that, which we thought was innovative and harder to classify, requires some pretty robust promotion to get off the ground properly, and Netflix’s strategy for promoting new shows has changed quite a bit. So we weren’t entirely surprised at all.

mike flanagan doctor sleep
Mike Flanagan directing

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Intrepid Pictures, the production company that Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy founded in 2004, is at a turning point at this time. The team behind The Haunting TV franchise and Midnight Mass is heading to Amazon Studios after six years of writing, producing, and directing for Netflix. And they are embarking on their most challenging undertaking to date: a movie version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.

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