Mila Kunis Knew Her $183 Million Movie With Channing Tatum Would Be a Huge Failure: “You can do a lot more with a lot more money”

Mila Kunis Knew Her $183 Million Movie With Channing Tatum Would Be a Huge Failure: “You can do a lot more with a lot more money”

Mila Kunis established herself in Hollywood as a child actress in the popular TV show on Fox That ’70s Show, the actress became a renowned star in the industry and has appeared on the big screen in numerous main roles or supporting roles. knows what it means to be in smash hit movies as she has been a part of movies such as Ted, Friends with Benefits, Oz: The Great and Powerful, and many more. 

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Mila Kunis

Being an actress for a long period of time would help in predicting if the movie would be a success or a disappointment, and this was the reason why she chose to be in Jupiter Ascending, but later she realized that the movie would flop.

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Mila Kunis Knew Jupiter Ascending would Fail in The Box Office

During an episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Mila Kunis stated that she knew that the film was already doomed before it even began shooting. The actress joined the film because it was directed by Lana Wachowski and Lily Wachowski, and the film had a massive budget of $200 million, which might be enough to make most movies a smash-hit at the Box Office but not for the 2015 sci-fi film because the original budget of the movie was double that, and that budget convinced the actress to be onboard.

 “When did we know [the movie would flop]? Before we started production, because our production got slashed in half. And so the original budget was twice as much, and you can do a lot more with a lot more money, and oftentimes those types of scripts have a very good storyline, but extraordinary other things. Right before pre-production, for a multitude of reasons with studios and other things, the budget got cut, and the movie was different.”

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A still from Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending was a massive disaster at the Box Office and it was able to collect only $183.9 million. Mila Kunis also stated that if Channing Tatum were present in the podcast, then he would share some interesting stories, and during an interview with Variety, the actor explained how difficult it was working in the movie was a “nightmare” and after the reduction in the budget of the film, it went sideways.

“Jupiter Ascending was a nightmare from the jump. It was a sideways movie. All of us were there for seven months, busting our hump. It was just tough.”

Even though the film had a negative response from the critics and fans, as it failed to be successful, some viewers praised the movie for its imaginative-world building and visual effects, which brings us to the question if the film was made with the original budget, would it have been a Blockbuster film.

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The Plot and Cast of Jupiter Ascending

The plot of the 2015 sci-fi film revolves around Jupiter Jones, a young woman who works as a cleaner, and dreams of having a better life. The young woman is a reincarnation of an alien queen who happens to be the rightful ruler of an intergalactic empire. However, when Balem Abrasax, Kalique Abrasax, and Titus Abrasax, the heirs of the empire learn about the existence of Jones, they persuade her to join them. To save the queen from the heirs, Caine Wise, a genetically modified soldier is sent to aid her and together they go on an intergalactic excursion while meeting alien lifeforms and battling the heirs.

Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending
Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending

The movie had a lot of big names such as Mila Kunis in the role of Jupiter Jones, Channing Tatum in the role of Caine Wise, Eddie Redmayne in the role of Balem Abrasax, Douglas Booth in the role of Titus Abrasax, Tuppence Middleton in the role of Kalique Abrasax, Sean Bean in the role of Stinger Apini, Gugu Mbatha-Raw in the role Famulus, Terry Gilliam in the role of Gill, and many more.

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Jupiter Ascending can be streamed on Prime Video.

Source: Happy Sad Confused Podcast


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