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Mind-Boggling Fan Theories About Your Favorite Sitcoms

Mind Boggling Fan Theories About Your Favorite Sitcoms

Where there’s a TV show, there’s a lot of fan hypotheses about the secret certainties and insider facts. All these could be hiding hidden therein or in the untold origin story of the characters. The entire “They were dead the whole time” fan hypothesis has been exaggerated. There’s somebody on Reddit who has proposed that, for basically every TV show that at any point existed. In any case, there are substantially more intricate fan hypotheses out there. There are ones that – whether or not the theorizers have sorted out the authors’ actual goals – really check out with regards to the show.

It appears to be that the more happy and fun the sitcom is, the more obscure the fan hypotheses are. Let’s assume it’s a superb cavort about the insane antics that a rural family gets up to. At that point, one fan some place will have recommended that a self destruction was involved.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Richard Lewis Is A Different Side Of Larry David

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Curb Your Enthusiasm

One of the running gags in Curb Your Enthusiasm is that Larry David doesn’t appear to coexist with anyone. However, he battles with one of them specifically the most: Richard Lewis. Also one fan hypothesis proposes that this is on the grounds that Richard is the epitome of Larry’s downturn.

Richard is Larry’s closest companion but they continually contend. They draw out the most exceedingly awful in one another at whatever point they get to know each other. Richard generally sports dark. Likewise, the kidney relocate story curve should be visible as Larry mulling over self destruction.

How I Met Your Mother – Future Ted Has Memory Problems

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother

There are a ton of fan speculations encompassing How I Met Your Mother. It includes Ted, lying about certain parts of the story, depicting himself in a more sure light than he merits.

Notwithstanding, one hypothesis seems OK than the rest: the Ted of things to come has Alzheimer’s. That is the reason he’s so anxious to enlighten his children regarding his life – on the grounds that he is easing back losing those recollections. It likewise clarifies why he took such a long time to recount the story, why he misremembered a ton of things, and why he was a particularly exemplary storyteller.

The Simpsons – Homer Simpson Has Been In A Coma

The Simpsons
The Simpsons

In an October 1992 episode, Homer addressed God, who let him know that in a half year, he would die. A half year after the fact, in an April 1993 episode, Homer was squashed by a candy machine and went into a state of unconsciousness.

Despite the fact that he awakens toward the finish of the episode, one fan hypothesis proposes he never woke up and that the explanation the show got a lot wackier after that – and why the characters have not matured in the quarter century from that point forward – is that Homer never woke up from the trance state and envisioned everything.

Friends – Jack Geller Is Not Monica’s Father


There have been many famous fan speculations about Friends, however not a single one of them appears to be legit than this one. It claims Judy Geller was faithless to her significant other Jack to consider Monica, making Jack her dad in sustain as it were.

This would clarify why Ross is more inspired by his Jewish legacy than his sister – or rather relative – and why Judy favors Ross over Monica. She gives Monica such trouble since she’s liable with regards to her past relationship and despises its living token.

Written by Adhish Saxena