Mistakes In Netflix Daredevil Series The MCU Daredevil Reboot Must Avoid

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Reports and rumours continue to circulate online that Marvel Studios is going for an MCU Daredevil reboot. And they are bringing back Charlie Cox, the star of the hit show of the same name from the Disney+ rival platform – Netflix.

Daredevil Netflix MCU Reboot
Daredevil MCU

The Netflix Daredevil series is considered by many to be the benchmark for superhero shows in general. But it’s not bereft of flaws. There are some mistakes in the Netflix Daredevil series that the MCU Daredevil reboot must avoid at any cost.

The MCU Daredevil Reboot Doesn’t Need To Rely On Netflix Level Of Violence

Daredevil Violence
Matt Murdock

It most certainly is not a flaw or a mistake. Netflix shows are in general edgier and more graphic in all fashions. The rumored MCU Daredevil reboot could easily get into a fistfight with its Netflix predecessor. Fans are prone to compare two similar projects. The Netflix Daredevil series is the crown jewel of the erstwhile Netflix Marvel universe.


In more ways than one, it is the gold standard of all superhero shows. The MCU Daredevil reboot should not imitate its tone and grit. Instead, it should stick to Disney+ levels of violence, something that they’ve already done win Moon Knight.

The MCU Daredevil Reboot Needs To Draw More From Hell’s Kitchen Mythology

Daredevil Hell's Kitchen
Hell’s Kitchen Marvel

There’s a plethora of lore and legacy that Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil’s turf, has in the comic books. And what three season of the Netflix Daredevil series has given us is but the tip of the iceberg. Hell’s Kitchen is a goldmine for many iconic story arcs.

If the MCU daredevil reboot is in fact looking to be more street than Avengers-ish like Moon Knight, then the comic books have several such nasty but epic story arcs for the MCU show to explore. The comic books have it all. Let’s not confine Matt Murdock to a few story arcs and leave the underrated ones.


The MCU Daredevil Reboot Needs To Show Us More Wilson Fisk vs. Daredevil

MCU Daredevil reboot Kingpin
The Kingpin

Daredevil was on a decline after its first season sleeper hit fame was downed by its sloppy second season. They tried to do so much in so little time. There was the Punisher and then the Hand tried to make a move. So many subplots made our heads spin.

Then in season 3, we saw the return of the Kingpin in all his glory. Season 3 is by far the greatest season ever in superhero show history. And that was only possible because the plot was linear and progressive, focusing more on the rivalry between Fisk and his pawns and Daredevil and his allies.

The Reboot Must Show Us A Little More Matt Murdock Courtroom Drama

Matt Murdock Lawyer

Part of what makes Daredevil the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is his day job as a lawyer. He fights the good fight and protects the noble causes. We have seen Charlie Cox in action as the Man Without Fear.


But very rarely did we see Matt Murdock in action in his lawyer getup inside a court, trying to use his powers to see which jury member is with him and which ones he needs to convince more. We want to see a bit more of the Matt Murdock courtroom genius dynamic in the MCU Daredevil reboot.

No More Dangling Plot Threads In The Future MCU Daredevil Reboot Like They Did In The Netflix Series

Daredevil MCU Reboot
The Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen

Netflix Marvel shows are all guilty of this. There were too many plot threads left unattended to in many of these shows. From Luke Cage to Jessica Jones and even Daredevil, the list goes on. What happened to Bullseye after the cliffhanger ending of Daredevil Season 3. Is elektra really dead and what happens to the relaunched Foggy Nelson-Matt Murdock law firm post the events of Defenders?

Dangling plot threads, especially from such cult-classic TV shows, drives fans crazy. The MCU Daredevil reboot could change that and address them all, sweeping the fans off their feet. This could actually turn them into lifelong fans.

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