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5 Mistakes That Still Haunt Disney

The House of Mouse has got Hollywood by its grip. Everyone knows that three out of five blockbuster movies or franchises must be a Disney creation. Today, it is one of the number 1 studios, hemming big-budget cinemas and turning actors into superstars. It is safe to say that at this point, Walt Disney is one of the dominating players in the global media market. However, despite its shiny appearance, Disney’s record is not as clean and perfect as it seems. It has garnered a lot of stains. The mammoth of the entertainment industry has made its own share of mistakes. If you open the Disney diary, you’ll come across a series of controversies, public feuds, legal battles, allegations of sexism and racism, gripping its hand around the company’s neck. Though it’s trying to clean its name, these five mistakes haunt Disney to date.

Song of the South

Among many Disney movies that became a subject of controversy, Song of the South had tarnished the studios’ name pretty bad. It was called out by the audience and critics for stereotyping African Americans. The studio garnered a lot of criticism, and was termed racist and offensive. This left Disney with no other option but to ban the film. Had it not been for the stereotyping, Song of the South would have earned positive reviews for excellently blending live-action with animation.

Throwing Lemmings Off a Cliff 

Even in 2021, Disney had enough controversies on its plate. But the biggest dent on its reputation will always be the 1958 documentary, White Wilderness. In one of its most gruesome animal cruelty, the producers were accused of throwing live lemmings off a cliff to shoot the suicide scene for the documentary. 

Representation of Female Characters

Some movies and stories don’t age well. Whether Disney was merely trying to portray the timeline or not, its representation of women disappointed fans. But over the decades, Disney has attempted to rectify its sexist image by revamping how it portrays its female leads. Disney princesses are no more damsels in distress or housewives like Snow White and Cinderella. Little girls now find inspiration in the independent, affectionate, and bold Elsa from Frozen.

Glorifying Non-Consensual Kisses

The House of Mouse has endured a long-term relationship with problematic movies. While its fairytales will always remain legendary, the romantic elements in these stories don’t sit well with fans anymore. Over the years, viewers have gained a better judgement to assess what’s acceptable and what’s not. Undoubtedly, we all still admire the iconic love stories, music, and captivating animation of Cinderella, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, and Beauty And The Beast. But the non-consensual kiss in Sleeping Beauty still haunts the studios and society. In fact, it is often regarded as the epicentre of encouraging the culture of sxual assault.

Was The Lion King a Rip-off?

One of the biggest classics by the studios may have been borrowed from a Japanese anime, Kimba The White Lion. Ever since The Lion King sparked the accusations, this controversy happens to be a topic of debate even now. The uncanny resemblance between the protagonists’ names and the story doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Both Simba and Kimba were cubs who lost their lion dads to a devious gang of a lion and slick hyenas.

Written by Ipshita Barua