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Mister Immortal: Did She-Hulk Reveal MCU’s First Ever Mainstream Mutant On a Total Fluke?

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This article contains spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 6 titled “Just Jen”

In the Marvel comics universe, Mister Immortal is not a simple man who avoids confrontation with women by jumping out of high-rise windows and walking into rush hour traffic. His existence in the comics served a greater purpose than to find a woman (and Sebastian) and then settle down until death literally does them part. Due to his inability to die, Mister Immortal is now being increasingly subjected to theories of him being the second mutant to be introduced into the mainstream Marvel Cinematic Universe.

David Pasquesi
David Pasquesi appears in She-Hulk as Mister Immortal

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The Dual Origin of Mister Immortal: Comics vs MCU

In the comics, the origin of Mister Immortal was pretty straightforward. Like (almost) all Marvel heroes, he was neither born with superhuman abilities nor did he manifest them at a certain age. Instead, he got his powers from another entity or source, namely Deathurge, and led an increasingly tragic life filled with the loss and death of all his loved ones, until he finds a greater purpose — the annihilation of the supervillain, Maelstrom. Mister Immortal was mostly a superhero in the comics or at least tried to be one when he wasn’t marinating in grief and bouts of suicidal tendencies.

Mister Immortal in the Marvel comic universe
Mister Immortal in the Marvel comic universe

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However, Marvel’s mainstream cinematic universe has a tendency to understate and compress the vast literature of the comics in their limited runtime adaptations. This tendency recently turned into a matter of habit after Phase 4 projects were shown to increasingly divert from the source material, whether be it Ms. Marvel’s lineage as a mutant instead of Inhuman or the entire caricature that was Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder. She-Hulk too suffered from the same affliction with her freak accident origin story and now, with the introduction of Mister Immortal, it might be likely that the MCU is exploiting the superhero as comic fodder instead of addressing his in-comic worth.

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Mister Immortal’s Appearance in She-Hulk: A Synopsis

The entire Episode 6 of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law was about delivering a message to society — that it’s okay to be alone but in the end, we are all searching for someone to be with. Although the responsibility of vocalizing that message falls naturally on Jen, this time, it was Mister Immortal who did the preaching. Played by the incredible David Pasquesi, the actor perfectly embodies and personifies the silliness of the comic hero in his unapologetic enactment. But beyond that, it leaves the broader question open to fan speculation — what really is his role in the bigger scheme of things?

Mister Immortal
Mister Immortal’s arrival in MCU could indicate a building mutant plotline

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Fan theories suggest that the underlying hint of his mutant identity might be about building up to a greater plot. MCU has already been floating around the idea of the existence of mutants in the mainstream universe for a while now, specifically with Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk‘s Episode 2 easter egg that showed a news headline talking about a man with steel claws being involved in a bar brawl (aka Wolverine). With the introduction of Mister Immortal via She-Hulk, perhaps the story is building up to the arrival of the mutant clan to MCU in full force. But one can only speculate.

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law is now streaming on Disney+

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