Mobile Legends Breaks Revenue Record At $500M


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang surpasses $500 million revenue in the market with Southeast Asia powering its growth, according to Sensor Tower.

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Moonton launched the popular mobile game in 2016. It earned $214.1 million last year with December garnering most of the profit at $24.4 million. This is due to the release of its 2.0 version update. At $502.5 million, it is now one of the biggest MOBA games of the decade.


Asia is the biggest revenue contributor, specifically Southeast Asia. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has generated $307 million or 61 percent of its total income.

China is not included in the list since the game is unavailable in the country. Despite this, it is still Moonton’s highest grossing game in Asia.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defeated Tencent’s Honor of Kings which only gained $251.4 million outside of China’s market, placing behind Moonton.

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Malaysia steals the top spot as the country with the most spending in the game. A lucrative amount of $87.5 million has been spent purchasing items. This makes up 17 percent of the revenue.


Indonesia ranks second as players from the country spent a whopping $69.2 million, making up 14 percent of the total income.

United States takes up the third-place racking up $64.1 million in total and contributing 12.8 percent of the total profit.


Download apps such as Google Play and App Store contribute to the majority of the gross revenue. Moonton earned $340 million from Google Play while the App Store obtained $162.4 million user spending.

The reported average earning per download of the game is $1.80 as of this year.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a total of 281.3 million downloads since it was launched. Southeast Asia dominates the scene as $212.2 million of its entire downloads originated from the region.

Indonesia garners the top spot for the most downloads with 100.1 million or 36 percent of game installs. Philippines ranks the second with 41.2 million downloads or 15 percent. Vietnam catches up in the third spot with 21.3 million installs or 8 percent of the entire downloads.


Google Play scores the most unique user downloads with 250.7 million installations while the App Store accumulated 30.5 million installs.

Aside from items purchase and memberships, Moonton also holds tournaments and cross-country matches via live streaming.


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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang became the fastest-growing mobile game in the last decade. These hefty sums of money and insane numbers only prove how big the Moonton’s market is.


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