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Versace Model Spends $600K – 40 Surgeries Over 12 Years to Look Like Kim Kardashian, Now Paying $120K to Detransition After Fans Started Calling Her a ‘Kardashian’

The world is a cruel and unjust place. After undergoing 40 surgeries and spending $600K to look like the famous personality Kim Kardashian, the Versace model paid $120K to de-transition back to her former self. The reason, well, she got tired. Read on about the journey of the woman that is an example of “never meet your heroes”.

Jennifer Pamplona (No, not Kim Kardashian).
Jennifer Pamplona (No, not Kim Kardashian).

Versace model turned Kim Kardashian

Being just 17 years old when she first started her journey toward surgeries, Jennifer Pamplona had no idea of turning herself into Kim Kardashian. She eventually got addicted to surgeries (yes, it’s a thing) and started turning herself into a look-alike of the American socialite Kim Kardashian. The Versace model started small but then led to bigger surgeries including three rhinoplasties, butt implants, and fat injections.

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Kim Kardashian at a ceremony.
Kim Kardashian at a ceremony.

The model had 40 surgeries operated on her body with a whopping medical bill of $600,000 over a course of 12 years before she finally was a ditto look-alike of Kim Kardashian. However, she would lose it all in a matter of months and some very painful procedures to go back to her former self.

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Paying $120K to de-transition?

After turning, soon the people started calling her Kardashian whenever they used to spot her. A recent interview shares her answer:

Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Pamplona side-by-side.
Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Pamplona side-by-side.

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The model said “People would call me a Kardashian and it started to get annoying. I had worked and studied and was a businesswoman. I had done all these things and had all these achievements in my personal life, but I was only being recognized because I looked like a Kardashian.”

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Jennifer Pamplona soon discovered her body had dysmorphia and that she wanted to return to her former self as soon as possible. Communicating with a surgeon from Istanbul, she quickly paid $120K and was left with some severe bodily malfunctions. The procedure left the model “bleeding from the cheeks” for three days with a sense of dread. “I thought I was dying. I was thinking to myself, ‘What the hell have I done with my life?’ “ the model is reported to have said.

Source: NDTV

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