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Modern Disney Movie Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

Disney Movies are, without a doubt, everyone’s favorite. Disney has made some of the most famous movies of all time for over a decade now. Whether you are a child or an adult, you’ll have one Disney movie close to your heart. And you may have watched it several times. Even if you are a big Disney fan, I bet there are still some hidden secrets you might not know. So below is a list of some Modern Disney Movie Easter Eggs You Never Noticed.

1. In ‘Tangled’, Rapunzel’s Baby Mobile Indicates Pascal’s Arrival. A green chameleon, giving a solid resemblance to Pascal, comes up on the baby mobile above Rapunzel’s crib.

2. Mrs Potts, Chip And The Rest Of The Beauty And The Beast Tea Set Appeared For A Short Cameo In Tarzan When The Gorillas Discover The Human Camp.

3. David’s Necklace Is Similar To Maui’s Magical Fish Hook From Moana In Lilo And Stitch.

4. The Three-Legged Spinning Wheel Behind A Tangled-Up Rapunzel Is Seen In The Walt Disney Studio’s Classic Sleeping Beauty (1959).

5. ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Featured The Very Iconic ‘Konami Cheat Code’, Which King Candy Uses To Enter The Safe Where The Data Codes For The Sugar Rush Are Protected.

6. The Water Tower Shown In ‘Bolt’ Is Inspired By The One On The Walt Disney Studios Lot In Burbank.

7. Rapunzel and Flynn from ‘Tangled’ Appeared As Special Guests In Elsa’s Coronation In The Movie ‘Frozen.’

8. ‘Carrot’, A Character From The Funday Pawpet Show, An Internet Puppet Show With Adult Comedy, Was The Inspiration For Bolt’s Carrot Chew Toy.

9. A Glimpse Of Buzz And Woody Toys Are Hanging In The Town Streets, In Movie ‘Coco.’

10. If You Are A True Disney Fan, You May Have Recognized The Mulan Movie Poster On Nani’s Bedroom Wall When Lilo Shows Off One Of Stitch’s Hidden Talents.

11. Herc’s Training Montage Comprises Of This Scene, which is Inspired By ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984). As The Sun Sets On The Beach, Phill Hercules And Pegasus Mimic Daniel Larusso’s Crane Kick Training.

12. Tarzan Is Elsa And Anna’s Little Brother!? According to Chris Bucks, The Director Of Both Tangled And Tarzan, Elsa And Anna’s Parents Didn’t Die On The Boat. They Got Washed Up On A Shore In A Jungle Island. Then The Queen Gave Birth To A Baby Boy Who We All Can Assume As ‘Tarzan.’

13. Tangled’s Mother Gothel Appears At Rapunzel’s Tower Wearing A Black Hooded Cloak And Carrying A Basket Of Red Apples With Her. It Looks Like She Was Paying Homage To Queen Grimhilde From Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (1938).

14. The Huge Wardrobe Next To Rapunzel’s Bed matches the One From Belle’s Castle Bedroom In The Movie Beauty And The Beast. However, Two Bottom Drawers Are missing. Rapunzel’s Wardrobe Has A Very Similar Shape To The Gold-Accented White Wardrobe, Which Was There In Beast’s castle.

15. Ending The List Of ‘Modern Disney Movie Easter Eggs You Never Noticed’ With Another Tangled Movie Easter Egg. The Magical Flower Which Is There In ‘Tangled’ Is Also Seen At The End Of The Movie ‘Moana’ When The Island Is Being Restored.

Written by FandomWire Staff