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Modern Fairytale Movies That Are Too Dark For Children

Most of us grew up listening to bedtime stories about fairytales with happily-ever-after endings. They made us believe in knights in shining armor saving damsels in distress and evil witches abducting mischievous kids. They told us that only a true love’s kiss can break a spell and that good will always triumph.

We grew up and discovered that these were all just that – fairytales. Yet, no matter what age we’re in, there is always that childlike wonder and innocent spark within. We just need to level it up a bit and make it more exciting. Here are our top recommendations for dark modern fairytale remakes that will send chills down your spine. Remember, it’s not always a happy ending.


Hansel and Gretel

This dark modern twist to the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast follows the life of a rich, handsome, and conceited guy who believes he can treat everyone however he wants. One day, he messes with a woman he doesn’t know is a witch. It only took a moment before he lost everything he has including his pretty looks.

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The movie contains violent scenes, explicit language, and adult activities that are completely not for young audience viewing. It isn’t an entirely bad film but it tends to loop around the edges of a romantic chick flick.

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood modern fairytale

In this gritty and sensual live-action of The Little Red Riding Hood comes a story that will probably go down in history as the darkest version of all adaptations. It contains blood and gore and way more steamy scenes than expected.


Its main protagonist, Valerie, gets torn between two lovers while dealing with a mysterious werewolf that seems to haunt and prey on their village. As mysteries unfold, she begins to discover the secrets of her family.

Snow White And The Huntsman

Queen Ravenna modern fairytale

With the perfect blend of epic fantasy and horror, Snow White and the Huntsman delivers a marvelous remake that exceeds expectations. Scrap the poisoned apples and the dwarves because the evil Queen Ravenna will bring chaos and terror into Snow White’s life.

The combination of dark magic, sorcery, and horror will truly give the audience a spectacular modern fairytale show. A lot of scenes are just inappropriate for children due to sensitive content.


Maleficent modern fairytale

If cursing a newborn isn’t the cruelest thing in the world, then we have no idea what else is. Maleficent, a powerful faerie of the forest, was once a good-natured being until betrayal from a loved one forced her to do such an evil thing.

Not only did she put a spell on a baby, but she also abducted her and had three mischievous pixies look after Princess Aurora. With Maleficent killing and torturing men, this dark twist on our beloved Sleeping Beauty story is indeed horrifying.

Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters

Hansel and Gretel modern fairytale

Our beloved duo is back for an adventure that no one’s been before – hunting and killing witches. Hansel and Gretel were just two orphaned children before they became the town’s best witch hunters. Their job is to hunt every witch that lurks in the dark forest until they start abducting children as a sacrifice.


The movie reeks of shocking scenes that include lots of blood, decapitation, and even nudity. It’s certainly not for both kids and the faint-hearted.

Do you have a favorite modern fairytale that’s too dark and twisted? Tell us in the comments!

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