“It’ll Kill This Game”: Modern Warfare 3 Fans HATE Current State of the Matchmaking

You can't have fun unless you're a pro.


  • The game's broken matchmaking system leaves players frustrated.
  • Low-rank players go against sweaty players, despite SBMM.
  • The developers haven't done much about it, even after all the new releases.
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Like any new release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been receiving its share of complaints and problems, but they’ve started to pile up, sometimes making the game unplayable. In a recent Reddit post, a discussion around the current state of Modern Warfare 3’s matchmaking has left players with high amounts of skepticism. 

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The post explores the game’s potential to be genuinely great for both casual and competitive players, and even have some of the best gunplay and multiplayer experience in a Call of Duty game to date. 


The Problem With Modern Warfare 3’s Unfair Matchmaking System

Modern Warfare 3
Players are having a tough time going against ‘sweaty’ opponents.

At first glance, modern Call of Duty games are attractive first-person games that any fans of action and adrenaline-packed gunplay would like to get their hands on. Plus, there are endless iterations and platforms for the games. Even if you’re playing on your little-yet-powerful smartphone, Call of Duty: Mobile’s online experience tries to reel players into the high-rush environments that these games have built a legacy on.

That’s where Modern Warfare 3 shines. Or at least, has the potential to do so. With a ton of guns and gear to choose from, and unique playstyles to show off on the battlefield, the game promises a lot. However, none of this experience is fun when you’re going against players who treat the game like a day job, or something that tests their self-worth. Going against ‘sweaty’ players every time you try to enjoy the game only leads to frantic feelings of stress, failure, and anxiety.


Every single game is a sweatfest, I’m in lobbies with iridescent ranked players, bunny hopping, slide cancelling, meta weapons, yet everyone has around a 1.0 kd by the end of the match or massively negative because of the crazy jacked SBMM on steroids.

– User ivory_tusks mentions it in their post.

The frustration is obvious, and it’s validated by the comments on the post. Some players have made their peace with this kind of inconsistency and unfair gameplay behavior that Modern Warfare 3 brings and admitted that the series hasn’t really fixed this kind of matchmaking in quite a while.

Others have prefaced a new perspective where the game’s servers might be at fault. It may sound a bit technical, but does make sense when you think about it:


The real problem is the net code and servers. Ppl fire maybe one or two bullets on my end and I’m instantly dead at every range and then the game shows 5-6 shots hit and the killcam is completely different than what I’m experiencing on my end. Consistently showing 30ms or less ping too. But insta dying as soon as anyone sees me at any range meanwhile it feels like I hit 5-6 shots every encounter and still lose almost half the time is ridiculous to me.

– User SlickRick914 comments.

It’s a Common Problem With Online Games, and Smurf Accounts Add to the Pain

Modern Warfare 3 MP
A broken matchmaking system is something that players have just accepted, regardless of the frustration around it.

With the few exceptions of games that are kinder to their new player base and maintain a fair matchmaking, most online games today follow the self-fulfilling prophecy of setting a skill ceiling so high, that only ‘good’ players seem to enjoy the game. What makes it worse are players who make smurf accounts to feel great about their skills.

If you’re not familiar with the term; smurf accounts belong to players who may appear as if they’re new to the game, but in reality, have had a lot of experience getting good at it through the years. Why make a smurf account? Well, so that you can match against lower-level opponents and feel a sense of victory against them because obviously, you’ll have the advantage of skills you’ve been mastering all these years.


Modern Warfare 3 isn’t an exception. Even with its broken matchmaking system and skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) not truly making any difference, it’s disheartening to see players match against opponents who are far better at the game. That, or just going against opponents who appear to be low-rank but in reality know all the tricks of the trade. 

A few comments have also suggested how it’s simply best to accept things for how they are and never hope to see a change, because some of them have been asking devs to look into the matter since Modern Warfare (2019), but their efforts have been futile. We’re not sure if this will ever even be considered to be a real problem by the dev team, let alone expect them to fix Modern Warfare 3’s tiresome matchmaking system. 


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