Modern Warfare 3’s Campaign Is an Insulting Joke

Modern Warfare 3 receives mainly negative reviews regarding its incredibly short campaign.

Modern Warfare 3's Campaign Is an Insulting Joke


  • Modern Warfare 3 receives the majority of negative reviews due to its poor campaign.
  • Gamers are annoyed at Modern Warfare 3's short campaign.
  • Gamers are worried that the future of the franchise could get worse after the recent merger with Microsoft.
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When it comes to gaming, one of the most famous titles to exist is Call of Duty, which is still going strong to this day. Currently, Modern Warfare 3 is still awaiting its official release date of November 11th, but the game’s campaign is now active with its early access.


Sadly, this early access campaign has only been met with negative criticism from its fan base, as it seems like the developers have done a rather lazy job creating this campaign, and many of the gamers in the large community feel let down by this decision.

Why Has the New Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Let the Fan Base Down?

Modern Warfare 3 campaign hated by gamers
Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign is one of the worst of the series so far.

So far, this version of Modern Warfare 3 has been met with a lot of negative responses from the gaming community, as gamers begin to relive a tragedy that took place many years ago, when the original Modern Warfare 3 was released and was considered the worst of the trilogy.


Now that players are getting their hands on the new Modern Warfare 3 and experiencing this new campaign, many are realizing how lazy the developers have been, and now it has created the question as to which Modern Warfare 3 was worse.

There have been many reasons as to why gamers are disappointed with this version of Modern Warfare 3, but the main factor that has caused a lot of outrage from the gaming community is the fact that many of the missions utilize copied assets from the original Warzone map Verdansk.

The copied assets begin right away as the first mission that gamers take part in is a break-in to the Verdansk prison, but with some changes to make it look “new,” players still feel short-changed as it is essentially the exact same location.


This isn’t the only time that the campaign uses the same assets from Verdansk, and this has caused a major uproar from the fan base. What makes this worse is the fact that the campaign is incredibly small, could last up to 4-5 hours, and relies on players to explore open locations to expand the time played rather than having actual content to play.

What Kind of Precedent Does This Set for the Future of the Franchise?

Modern Warfare 3's campaign considered worst in the franchise.
Gamers are angry at how short Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign is.

So far, this version of Modern Warfare 3 has already set a rather poor precedent for the future of the franchise, as gamers are already worried as to what this could mean for future games within the franchise.

The reason gamers are worried is because this is the first Call of Duty game that has been released since the recent merger with Microsoft. Sadly, this has left many gamers wondering whether or not Microsoft will fix these issues in future installments or whether or not this could be the reason why the game is in the state it is already in.


With the new merger between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, this could leave a lot of opportunities for Call of Duty to improve some time in the future, but fans are hoping that the improvements will come in this current instalment, especially with the multiplayer early access being very soon.

Until a future update is released, we do not know how this merger will affect the future of Modern Warfare 3, but with the state the game is currently in, it is highly likely that players will begin to fade from the game rather quickly.

For now, players are still logging into Modern Warfare 3 to attempt the campaign, and some are defending the campaign as some of the missions are wide-open spaces that allow the player to explore and take the mission in their own time, but there are some who cannot stand these missions and feel they are a waste of time.


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