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“Momoa’s the reason the film’s 1000 times better”: Vin Diesel Reportedly Blames Jason Momoa’s ‘Overacting’ as Reason Why Fast X Flopped, Fans Outraged

"Momoa's the reason the film's 1000 times better": Vin Diesel Reportedly Blames Jason Momoa's 'Overacting' as Reason Why Fast X Flopped, Fans Outraged

It is no secret the critical success of Fast X was under wide speculation since its inception. Thus now that verdict is finally out, the franchise star Vin Diesel is allegedly throwing his co-star under the bus. And now that his alleged opinion has been leaked. fans are outraged and taking Jason Momoa’s side. Diesel has already been associated with behind-the-scenes drama with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. This new revelation is now painting Diesel in a bad light.

But many can also sympathize with the Fast and Furious star since the actor has dedicated a significant amount of time and money to the project. Although neither of the parties involved has yet confirmed the matter, fans have a hunch something is brewing.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

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Vin Diesel is blaming Jason Momoa for the disastrous Fast X reviews

Since its inception, the Fast and Furious franchise has enthralled audiences with its high-octane action sequences and a diverse ensemble cast. However, no movie is immune to criticism, and Fast X was definitely not. And it has now been reported that Vin Diesel is not happy with Jason Momoa‘s performance following the reviews.

Guardian called the movie  “overcranked nonsense.” and it does reflect on the Rotten Tomatoes score since it is at a 54% rating there.

Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel
Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel

A source revealed to,

“Vin is embarrassed Jason is being branded the only bright spot in the film and stealing his thunder in the franchise he built himself,”

Critics argue that the narrative structure feels formulaic, with minimal surprises or twists. The focus on action set pieces and spectacle takes precedence over a well-crafted story, leaving some viewers underwhelmed by the lack of depth and innovation. Although this isn’t the first time the actor has been caught pointing fingers and causing fallouts with his co-stars. Thus, this new Hollywood fight in town has now caught everyone’s attention.

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Fans are in support of Jason Momoa

Soon after the film was trashed by critics, reports came forward stating that Diesel is allegedly trashing Momoa for his “overacting” as the reason for the same. But the fans are coming forward in support of the Aquaman star, claiming he is really the only good thing about the movie.

One fan on Twitter commented,

Jason Momoa in Fast X
Jason Momoa in Fast X

The media outlet Collider wrote,

“Momoa is a true joy to watch as he chews every piece of scenery he can find,”

While some other tweets said,

Clearly, the internet is not at all divided on the matter and hails Momoa as the ultimate winner in this saga. Although Diesel’s sentiments are understandable, it is not justified. Fans urge the megastar to own up to his mistakes and move on to bigger and better things.

Fast X is currently in theatres worldwide.

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Source: Radar Online and Twitter

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