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Money Heist: 5 Unpopular Opinions From Reddit Users

Money Heist 5 Unpopular Opinions From Reddit Users

After Netflix’s Money Heist gained accelerating popularity around the world, many fans are sharing their opinions about the series. With a very fascinating plot and a bunch of complex characters, it certainly gave the audience one hell of an enjoyable show.

The Reddit space has become users’ main dumpsite of opinions regarding all things of that sort. People discuss controversies and plot holes and everything about various shows. Since Money Heist is trending nowadays, it became the talk of the site. Below are some Reddit users’ unpopular opinions about the show.

Berlin’s Character Is Overrated

Berlin money heist

He is one of the most beloved characters in the show. No matter how ruthless his orders are, fans cannot deny that Berlin carried the heist. His wits, charm, and humor certainly captured everyone’s hearts. It is no wonder they couldn’t let him go in the final season even though his character is already deceased.

However, a Reddit user said that Berlin is “highly overrated” as compared to the Professor, Tokyo, and Nairobi. The user said they are far more likable.

Arturo Roman Was Necessary For The Show

Arturo Roman

Roman was the most annoying yet interesting character in the series. Everyone seems to hate him and it only proves how good Enrique Arce’s portrayal is. He tried to sabotage the gang’s plan many times and even made the people believe that he is a hero.

Reddit user NT-Deimos says that “the series would have less plot” if Arturo was not there. A lot of other people agreed on this. In fact, he made the show so enjoyable to watch until he was shot by Stockholm and got kicked out of the house.

Lisbon Shouldn’t Have Switched Sides

Lisbon money heist

It’s absolutely a weird situation when a respected police inspector would give up her career to be involved in a crime. She was a worthy opponent of the Professor but she changed her mind and joined his band of thieves.

One Redditor commented that her joining the team was “the most unnecessary thing” and that it did not create any “positive meaningful contribution” to the heist.

Rio Should Have Died Instead Of Tokyo

Rio money heist

Let’s admit it—Rio is not the smartest kid in the block. He constantly messes up, and his emotional state is a wreck. Sure, he’s good with technology, but in a heist, common sense and intuition are the best weapons. His jeopardizing their safety was the most reckless thing he’s done.

That is why this Redditor and a couple of other people believe he should have been taken down instead of Tokyo. She is far more useful and significant than Rio. They said that he should not have survived when he was tortured by Alicia Sierra.

Better Watch The Show In Spanish

Money Heist

The show was originally in Spanish but because of its growing fan base, they added English dubs and subtitles. While people outside of Spain would opt for the English version, the original Spanish dub is way much better.

ItsRoastTime from Reddit says “the show got so much better” after switching to Spanish mode. Indeed, it sounds more natural and you can truly feel the intensity of actions.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.