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Money Heist Season 5: Part 2 Trailer Ending With Violence And Action

Netflix has published a brief teaser trailer for Money Heist‘s final episodes, which teases an action-packed conclusion motivated by vengeance. After five seasons, the Spanish murder drama La Casa De Papel will come to an end. Netflix aired the first episode of Money Heist’s last season in early September, showing the Professor and his crew fighting for their lives within the Bank of Spain.

Money Heist and Cliffhangers go hand in hand, but Will Season 5 be the same?

 Money Heist 5
Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist has always relied on cliffhangers and last-minute surprises to give audiences the impression that the Professor has everything under control. However, as we witnessed in Part 1 of Season 5, not everyone is going to make it out alive, especially when the enemy is an army.

The Professor swears not to “let anyone else fall because of the heist” in a voiceover. One image shows the Professor clutching a revolver in his secret hideaway, implying that rather than pulling the strings behind the scenes, he might be getting in on the action himself.

The Trailer

Money Heist 5
Money Heist Season 5

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The Money Heist trailer implies that the end is near, and it’s evident that the stakes have never been higher. One clip appears to show Raquel being escorted somewhere by the army, prompting viewers to wonder if she was kidnapped again. Grief hangs over the conflict, with the soldiers seeking vengeance for Gandia’s loss and the bank robbers seeking retribution for Toyko’s death.

On December 3, the final episodes of Money Heist will be released on Netflix. For the first time, the show won’t be able to generate suspense through cliffhangers, which means the tale will have to be wrapped up in a pleasing way for fans who have persevered with the show for several seasons. But, after Part One, it’s evident that no one is secure any longer, no matter how well-planned the Professor’s schemes are. As a result, the red jumpsuit-wearing crooks in Money Heist will have one more chance to escape alive with all of the wealth.

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Written by Prachee Mishra