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Monkey Prince: 6 Awesome Facts About DC’s Newest Superhero

DC has a new superhero – Marcus Sun, also known as the Monkey Prince. The Monkey Prince is an exciting new chapter of a new generation of DC heroes. Here are a few fun facts about him.

Monkey Prince Is The Son Of The Legendary Monkey King

Son Of A Chinese God

The Monkey Prince aka Marcus Sun has the blood of the Gods running in his veins. But his lineage is not derived from the Greek Olympian Gods or the Norse Pantheon. The Monkey Prince is the descendant of the Chinese mythological figure – the Monkey King. Known as Sun Wukong in the Orient, the Monkey King is a legendary warrior who can best the greatest warriors of the Heavens and has 72 different unique abilities. Considering Marcus Sun is the son of the Monkey King, he too one day will attain a Godlike status just like his father.

He Hates Superheroes

Traumatized For Life

When Marcus was still a toddler, he was adopted by a couple who lived in Gotham City. This couple were freelance henchmen for the supervillains of Gotham. Basically thugs for hire, the family of the Monkey Prince had frequent run-ins with the law. They bit more than they could chew eventually and the Batman paid them a visit. As he broke into their house during a thunderstorm and attacked his parents, the Monkey Prince was traumatized by the bat silhouette for life. Marcus Sun now hates vigilante superheroes and has a lifelong phobia of bats, water, and thunderstorms.

Monkey Prince Has Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

You can be the son of a God. But that does not mean you cannot have some real world issues by your side. The Monkey Prince, as a kid, was forced to travel frequently because of the odd nature of his parents’ jobs. This severely affected his mental health and he grew lonely and depressed. As he grew more and more distant, Marcus Sun found it very difficult to socialize and make friends. This has been a recurring theme in most of his social interactions henceforth. Even a God can suffer depression.

He Is A Victim Of Bullying

Marcus Sun

Marcus sun was an outcast and a weirdo. When he joined Gotham City High School, he was an easy target for the bullies to play with. Every day, Marcus was constantly harassed by the trio of bullies. Bullying is a major problem in many educational institutions around the world, not just America. It was brave of DC to make this issue a part of the character development of the Monkey Prince. Marcus Sun has grown as a character since then but his constant exposure to bullies has most certainly changed him, for the better or worse.

He Is Immortal


Because of his divine lineage, Marcus Sun has the ability to recover from most injuries and diseases. The level of his superhuman healing factor is still to be determined but it is enough for him to survive grievous injuries. This healing factor also makes him totally immune to death. The Monkey prince has survived injuries that could have even killed Wolverine. Marcus was decapitated once. He was easily able to shrug it off and walk away as if nothing happened.

Divine Empowerment Grants Him A Host Of Other Abilities

Divine Empowerment

The Monkey Prince has access to a range of other typical superhuman abilities. He has godlike speed and reflexes. Marcus can shape-shift into his monkey form at will. He can also use this ability to disguise himself as anyone he chooses to be. Superhuman durability and endurance are also within his skill sets. The Monkey Prince is also capable of aerokinesis – the ability to control and manipulate wind. This allows him to fly by manipulating the air around him. He is trained in stick fighting and martial arts. He is also a gifted acrobat. His powers are dependent on his emotional state. If he is too afraid, his divine empowerment would war off and Marcus would become a human again.