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Moon Knight Can Defeat The Mandalorian Says Oscar Isaac

Moon Knight Can Defeat The Mandalorian Says Oscar Isaac

The series, Moon Knight is coming out soon on Disney+. Oscar Isaac, who is playing the lead in the upcoming Marvel series, recently made a statement about his character would be able to beat The Mandalorian. Moon Knight is the story of two men, Steven Grant and Marc Spector. They come together and are blessed with superpowers by an Egyptian God, Khonshu. After that, the two become vigilantes called Moon Knight. According to the information shared so far, it is going to be the darkest series made by Marvel. Marc is a CIA agent and Steven is an English Museum worker. The one thing that is common between the two is Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Oscar Isaac compared his Moon Knight to The Mandalorian

Moon Knight 1
Oscar Isaac compared Moon Knight to Mandalorian

Before working for Marvel, Isaac was a part of the Star Wars franchise. One of his biggest friends Pedro Pascal is part of the franchise. Unfortunately, their characters, Din Djarin and Poe Dameron were never able to share the screen. Fans always wanted to see what a meet-up between the two would look like. Isaac also took credit for being the one who convinced Pascal for playing the lead role in The Mandalorian. He said that in an interview while promoting Triple Frontier. It is the only time the two actors shared the screen.

Isaac Oscar says Moon Knight can beat The Mandalorian
Oscar Isaac says Moon Knight can beat The Mandalorian

Now, Oscar Isaac is comparing his Marvel character with his friend’s Star Wars character. On Twitter, in an interview with Remezcla, he was asked who would win a fight Moon Knight or The Mandalorian. He said that Moon Knight would easily beat the other character. Also, used the word definitely in the statement. He also added that his friend Pedro Pascal would agree to that, laughing,

Release Date and Main Cast of Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Moon Knight is set to be released on March 30, 2022. It will run for six episodes till May 4 and be aired on Disney+. The upcoming series is going to be a part of phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is directed by Mohamed Diab and written by Jeremy Slater and will be in continuity to the Marvel movies.

Apart from Oscar Isaac in the role of the protagonist. The cast of the series includes Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly, Gaspard Ulliel portrays Anton Mogart / Midnight Man, and Lucy Thackeray portrays Donna. Also, F. Murray Abraham is the voice actor of the Eygptian God, Khonshu.

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