Moon Knight Episode 3 Theory Hints Marc’s Third Persona is Working For Harrow

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With Moon Knight Episode 3 making the rounds, a certain Moon Knight Episode 3 theory is cooking up a storm right now. Marc Spector is currently on the losing side of the battle. Harrow has the upper hand, just like every other MCU villain halfway through a series or movie. Arthur Harrow, the Moon Knight villain seems like to be at the cusp of victory. Despite Marc having the Moon Knight suit, Harrow somehow remains a step ahead every time. This Moon Knight Episode 3 theory hints it is because Marc Spector has a double agent inside his own mind. Marc’s mysterious third persona is a spy passing on information to Arthur Harrow.


SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 3 up ahead…….

Moon Knight Episode 3 Already Hinted At New Third Persona

Moon Knight - Oscar Isaac
Moon Knight – Oscar Isaac

In the comics, we have seen Moon Knight establish three distinct and unique personas inside his psyche. There’s the suave and straightforward Steven Grant. Then there’s the brutal Marc Spector. There’s a third personality who goes by the name Jake Lockley. As Jake Lockley, he becomes a British cab driver who operates a huge network of informants and spies throughout the city. It is Jake Lockley that the show may be implying to in Moon Knight Episode 3.

Moon Knight Jake Lockley
Moon Knight Jake Lockley

The third episode of the show reveals Marc is in Egypt. His body constantly keeps switching between Marc and Steven while fighting a bunch of Ammit’s knife wielding henchmen. As Marc struggles to let Steven take over completely, we find the next time he blacks out and takes over, the three henchmen he apparently allowed to walk away earlier are now all but murdered. Marc accuses Steven of killing them when in control but we already know that Steven Grant is not at all into violence, let alone killing.

Moon Knight Episode 1 & 2 Already Teased Secret Third Persona

Moon Knight Episode 1
Moon Knight Episode 1

In the first episode of Moon Knight, we see the security guard in the museum repeatedly call him by another name. There are also several hints scattered across the three episodes that hint at the number 3. Marc’s reflection in the mirror is almost always two more reflections looking back. One is Marc Spector but who’s the other reflection and how is it looking back?

Marc Spector - 3 Personalities
Marc Spector – 3 Personalities

When Marc wakes up in Egypt, there are three pyramids on the horizon. Even the cutout from Marc’s secret shelf in Steven’s apartment vaguely resembled a triangle. And in the credits sequence, Oscar Isaac’s face fractures into three different parts. All of them hint there’s another secret third persona. The show is obsessed with the number 3 at the moment and we believe this is some brilliant foreshadowing for the things to come.


Moon Knight Theory: Marc’s Mind Hides The Mole

Moon Knight vs Harrow
Moon Knight vs Harrow

The prevailing theory right now is that the secret third Persona is from the comic books – Jake Lockley. Lockley is not a bad guy in the comic books. In fact, he is way more level-headed than even Marc. But the show did take some creative liberties. Steven Grant is no longer the stylish Millionaire. So we won’t be surprised if the MCU changed Jake Lockley to fit the story better, just like they did for Marc and Steven.

Moon Knight - Is Jake Lockley Secretly Working For Harrow
Moon Knight – Is Jake Lockley Secretly Working For Harrow

Throughout most of the show, Harrow has always managed to stay three to four steps ahead of Marc. Despite Khonshu’s powers at his disposal, Harrow always where to be at the right place and at the right time. In Moon Knight Episode 3, Harrow appears in the nick of time and throws a monkey wrench right when Marc is about to decode Senfu’s sarcophagus. The brutal way the two knife wielding Henchmen are killed suggests it was Jake Lockkey who killed them and instructed the third one to die before spilling the beans. It was all Lockley’s doing to ensure Marc and Steven never get to know that he is literally his own worst enemy.

Moon Knight Episode 3 Theory
Moon Knight Episode 3 Theory – This is how Harrow remains one step ahead

This secret third persona, according to the Moon Knight theory, is working for Harrow. He is perhaps a disciple of Ammit. That would explain how Harrow is always able to stay ahead in the race. He is being fed vital information by the very person he considers his mortal enemy.



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