Moon Knight Episode 6: Times Khonshu Was MCU’s Pettiest God

Moon Knight Episode 6 has given us an explosive (and divisive) ending to what is arguably the best MCU show after Loki. Secrets were revealed and many plot twists came in Moon Knight Episode 6, Khonshu being at the center of it all.  If we know one thing now, it is that Khonshu of Moon Knight is the pettiest, shrewdest, and most deceptively cunning God of the MCU.

SPOILER ALERT: MAJOR Spoilers For Moon Knight Episode 6 up ahead.

Immediately Tries Recruiting Layla As His Avatar Once Marc Dies

Moon Knight Episode 6 - Khonshu Tries Making Layla His New Avatar
Khonshu Tries Making Layla His New Avatar

After Marc is shot dead by Arthur Harrow and Ammit is freed from her Ushabti, Layla goes to the Palace of the Egyptian Gods to search for Khonshu’s statue. After releasing Khonshu from his prison, the God senses Marc is no longer in the land of the living. He has had Marc for years but does he mourn his loss? Does he say any parting words?

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No. Khonshu immediately starts looking for a replacement. The next best candidate after Marc is Layla, whom Khonshu proposes to become his next Avatar. There is not even an ounce of remorse when he makes that offer.

Takes Advantage of Marc Spector When He’s Down

Why Khonshu chose Marc as his avatar
Khonshu makes Marc Spector his Fist of Vengeance

Previous episodes of Moon Knight showed that Khonshu is a huge opportunist. When Marc was shot during his mercenary days, he was bleeding out and was about to die. Khonshu realized Marc’s mind is broken and he could easily use him as his Avatar, even manipulate him as he wishes to.

When you give a dying man even the smallest of hopes, he will cling to it. Marc had no choice left. Khonshu knew that. So he played to his traits and waited for the perfect moment to offer Marc Spector the mantle of Moon Knight.

Exploits Marc’s Mental Health For His Own Selfish Needs

Moon Knight Episode 6 Psot Credits Sequence - Jake Lockley
Moon Knight – Jake Lockley Secretly Works For Khonshu

Ridiculing people with mental health issues is wrong. But using and exploiting them for their issues is even more evil. And to see a God do this, just makes us believe in Gorr’s plans to kill all Gods.

People look up to the Gods less because of their powers and more because of their ideals. Marc’s mind was so broken that Khonshu knew he could mould it as he wished. He makes Marc ‘think’ he has let him go but in reality, he is secretly working with Marc Spector’s third personality – Jake Lockley. Lockley breaks Harrow out of the hospital and then kills him for Khonshu.

Khonshu Hates Steven Grant For Being Too Soft

Khonshu & Steven Grant as Moon Knight
Khonshu & Steven Grant as Moon Knight

The Egyptian God of the Moon has walked the Earth for several millennia. He has seen eras and empires collapse. When immortal entities are immune to the sands of times, they gain whole new perspectives on the world. Khonshu was so stubborn in his extremist ways that not even time could heal him.

Steven Grant is the polar opposite of Marc Spector. He is kind, funny, and sensitive. According to Khonshu, that is not a good Moon Knight candidate. Even though he himself passes his judgment on people for being cruel and evil, Khonshu despises Steven Grant for being an ideal ‘traveler of the night’.

Khonshu Never Honors His Word

Moon Knight Episode 6
Moon Knight Episode 6 – Marc Returns From The Dead

The original deal was that after Marc helps Khonshu defeat Ammit and Arthur Harrow, the God will leave him be. In Moon Knight Episode 6, Marc and Steven only agreed to help beat Harrow if Khonshu would let them go later. The God of the Moon gives them his word. But doe she honor it?

The Moon Knight Post Credits Scene reveals that Khonshu still has Marc under his payroll. The third persona Jake Lockley is still working for Khonshu. Unaware of the God’s deception, poor Steven and Marc think they are ‘free’ while they most definitely aren’t.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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