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Moon Knight Season 2 Becomes More Unlikely as MCU Series Wins Emmy Under Limited Series Category After She-Hulk Removes Fist of Khonshu From Opening Credits

Moon Knight Season 2

Earlier this year, Moon Knight raised a surge of excitement among Marvel fans. The fans saw something completely new in the world of MCU and this caused the show to garner positive reviews from everywhere. While Oscar Issac’s terrific performance was critically acclaimed, the technical aspects of the show also impressed the audiences. It is announced now that the show has won an Emmy for its sound editing in a limited series. 

Moon Knight Season 2 recieves new updates from the Director
Moon Knight

As the Emmy Winning announcement delighted the fans, it is also raising concerns regarding the second season of the series. The second season was teased at the end of the first season only. 

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Why’s the Emmy win concerning for the fans?

Moon Knight won the Emmy for the best Sound Editing in a limited series category. Limited series precisely mean a series that is finite and does not last more than a single season. This sparked a chain of concerns among many fans as this tag may eliminate the idea of a new season. 

Despite the show being released as a limited one, the ending featuring the surprising third personality teased season 2. It was anticipated that a new season will dwell more into the character of Jake Lockley. 

Moon Knight director talks about Jake Lockley's debut in the mcu series
Jake Lockley in the post-credit scene of Moon Knight

Now it would not be new even if it returns as the trend’s already been followed by numerous other shows. The popular series Big Little Lies returned even after winning an Emmy for Outstanding Limited Series. On the other hand, White Queen also broke the promise of being a Limited Series. So a chance of repetition of the past can’t be completely ruled out.

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Moon Knight’s departure from the Marvel credits

Moon Knight Season 1, Marc Spector
She-Hulk Marvel intro removes Moon Knight’s reference

Adding more to the worries of the fans is the fact that Moon Knight’s reference is also removed from the new Marvel intro used by She-Hulk. While there’s a possibility that it may turn out to be nothing but a stunt to raise hype among the fans, some of the fans are still unconvinced. 

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A Silver Lining is still there

A scene of Khonshu in Moon Knight (2022).
A scene of Khonshu in Moon Knight (2022).

Yet another silver lining’s still there which is director Mohamed Diab and Oscar Issac being spotted in Cairo. So a Tiktok video surfaced on the internet which featured both the actor and the director hinting at a new season. The video featured a conversation between the user (@hayaattiaaa) and the stars like this:

hayaattiaaa: “The question on everyone’s mind: is there a Season 2?”

Diab: “Of Moon Knight?”

Isaac: “Why else would we be in Cairo?”

This acted as a major hint that the story may continue from the big cliffhanger where it left us in the series. Time will ultimately answer now if the story’s going to be continued or Oscar Issac will not be spotted before making an appearance straight on the big screens.

Moon Knight can be streamed on Disney+

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