Moon Knight Star Ethan Hawke Refused Playing With Playboy Models in “Dubious Parties” as His “Mom and Grandma would see it”

Moon Knight Star Ethan Hawke Refused Playing With Playboy Models in "Dubious Parties" as His "Mom and Grandma would see it"
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Moon Knight star Ethan Hawke was one of the few top favorites of the deceased Hugh Hefner, the man behind Playboy, a brand that revolutionized the world at large. Hefner’s reputation may have continued to come under the radar, especially after the Shannon Sisters revealed the darker world led by Hefner beneath the sugar-coated exterior last year.

Moon Knight Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke at the premiere of Disney+ Moon Knight

What’s also true is back in the 90s, getting an invite into the Playboy mansion was a very prestigious affair, and Ethan Hawke, who had already won hearts, courtesy of his good looks and stellar performance in Dead Poet’s Society, was a common name on Hugh Hefner’s guest-list. The actor, however, turned down these invitations multiple times, owning to his fair share of reasons.

Ethan Hawke Didn’t Let Temptation Get The Best Of Him

Playboy parties were more than gorgeous bunny ears, and those who’ve had the chance to get into one, are witnesses to how legendary Hugh Hefner’s soirées at the Playboy Mansion were. While celebrities like Luke Wilson almost cried their hearts out after getting banned from these parties, it was Ethan Hawke who turned down multiple invitations to these “dubious parties”.


Hawke was just 18 when he won plaudits and fame with Dead Poets Society. In an interview, the four-time Academy Award nominee expressed how as a young actor, he would get invited to various dubious parties at the Playboy Mansion, but turned down the invite several times, fearing his mom or grandmother.

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Ethan Hawke was just 18 when he won fame with Dead Poets Society
Ethan Hawke was just 18 when he won fame with Dead Poets Society

The Training Day star said:


“I was invited when I was first in L.A. like a young actor, you know right after Dead Poets Society and stuff like that. I would be in LA and I would get invited to various dubious parties at the mansion.”

“And I would never go for fear that it would make PEOPLE magazine and my mom and grandma would see it — and they wouldn’t believe me that I was at an acting class.”

As adorable as the reason may sound, kudos to the Moon Knight star for keeping his temptations under control, especially at the time when the actor’s career was at its peak. Not to mention, many A-listers took things too far at these glitzy parties. Hawke, on the other hand, is a man of principles!

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The Truth Behind The Wild, But Respectful Playboy Mansion

Former Playboy model, Pamela Anderson has often described the good side of the Playboy Mansion. During an interview, the former Playmate recalled a few “unique experiences” at the controversial mansion. She admitted that there was “class involved during the parties” back in the day. Anderson famously said:


“It was all wild, but respectful. The men were elegant, and you wanted to badly get the most charismatic man to notice you. Girls were everywhere, giggling and laughing.”

Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion was Sold for $100 Million to Daren Metropoulos in 2016
Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion was Sold for $100 Million to Daren Metropoulos in 2016

While the Baywatch star had her share of “wild, yet respectful” moments, the Girl Next Door stars, Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannon came forward last year and revealed the dark side of the Playboy Mansion The twin sisters alleged the late Hugh Hefner of repeated forceful s-x.

Not only this, but they claimed that Hefner, who passed away in 2017, impregnated Karissa Shannon (then 18 years old), and she underwent an abortion. Hefner imposed stricter rules designed to control the women to maintain the Playboy image. Others lured by Hefner’s extravagant lifestyle include twins Mandy and Sandy Bentley and Holly Madison.

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