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Moon Knight Star May Calamawy Reacts to Jake Lockley Getting Layla Pregnant Rumours

Moon Knight finished on a high note, potentially indicating the dawn of a new season. May Calamawy portrayed Layla in the series, who became the Avatar of the Egyptian Goddess Taweret in the finale. The actress has now revealed some fascinating insights regarding the Scarlet Scarab, as well as hinting at the possibility of meeting Jake Lockley in the future. Here’s how she reacted to rumors of Jake Lockley getting Layla pregnant and a few other claims:

Layla’s transformation with the Scarlet Scarab:

Egyptian-Palestinian actress, May Calamawy.
Egyptian-Palestinian actress, May Calamawy.

The Moon Knight conclusion included May Calamawy’s Layla’s conversion into the MCU’s Scarlet Scarab, along with Jake Lockley’s official introduction. Although Layla’s superhero identity was not disclosed in the episode, Marvel Studios eventually released the Scarlet Scarab designation for the character. This is in addition to the fact that Layla’s outfit mimics the scarab relic that has played a key role in the show’s major plot. During the conclusion, Calamawy addressed the significant shift in her persona, noting that it is “an honor” to represent the Middle East with a new superhero.

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Will Jake Lockley and Layla Cross Paths in the Future?

Jake Lockley from the Marvel Comics.
Jake Lockley from the Marvel Comics.

May Calamawy spoke with Inverse about Layla and her Marvel prospects. When asked if Layla will get the opportunity to get to know Jake Lockley in the future, Calamawy quipped about her MCU character becoming pregnant with Lockley’s child. She admitted that she and Oscar Isaac used to laugh about it during rehearsals. Because Jake Lockley got Marlene, Marc Spector’s love interest, pregnant in Marvel Comics, this storyline was born. Layla is based on the comic book character Marlene in the MCU.

Layla and Spector’s narrative will inevitably lead to the birth of a child in the future. However, given her current role as Scarlet Scarab, fans will have to wait a little longer for a possible pregnancy. Layla is still ignorant of Jake Lockley’s presence at this time. Given her standing as a new hero, it’s probable that she might disagree with Lockley’s killing spree along with his continuing efforts to serve KhonshuIf. If Moon Knight is renewed for a second season, the show could address the repercussions of Lockley’s merciless and wicked actions. This may lead to Layla discovering a means to inform the other two personalities about the dangerous new persona.

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Layla’s future in the MCU:

Layla transforms into the Scarlet Scarab.
Layla transforms into the Scarlet Scarab.

Calamawy mentioned that at first, she wished for all of Scarlet Scarab’s skills, including the power to acquire other people’s abilities. However, the actress revealed that Marvel intentionally wanted to leave Scarlet Scarab’s attributes in suspense so that future films may elaborate on them. “It’s funny because I wanted all his powers. He can zap strength from the different people he’s fighting and take their powers. He can fly. I was like, ‘Guys, I want all of this!’ I think they purposely wanted to keep Scarlet Scarab’s powers a mystery so they could be expanded on,” she said. The Scarlet Scarab’s role in the MCU’s big plan for Phase 4 and beyond is currently unclear. However, now Middle Eastern Marvel fans will have somebody to identify with, paving the way for greater inclusion down the road.

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