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Moon Knight: The Hippo at the End Reveals a Major Plot Detail

The latest mind-bending episode from Moon Knight has left fans bewildered, to say the least. Following the adventures of Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Egypt, the fourth episode finally decided to pay homage to the iconic Jeff Lemire run of Moon Knight through the asylum sequence. Despite taking some creative liberties from the original source material, the fourth episode re-affirmed the faith that Moon Knight is indeed full of surprises. If the long list of twists and turns were not enough, the latest episode also brought in a talking hippo at the end, leaving fans surprised.

Moon Knight Hippo God Reveals Major Plot Detail
Moon Knight

Who is the Hippo At The End of the Fourth Episode of Moon Knight?

Based on the Egyptian mythology, it was only natural for Moon Knight to delve deep into the sands of Egypt and its rich mythos. After introducing various human avatars of Egyptian deities, the fourth episode had another huge surprise for fans, albeit in a from of an actual hippopotamus. While most fans were clueless regarding the sudden appearance of a talking hippo, it was later revealed that the hippo is actually Tawaret, the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility.

Hippo God aka Tawaret in Moon Knight Episode Four

Having a history of dating back to 3000 BC, Tawaret was widely worshipped in ancient Egypt. As the goddess of childbirth and fertility, she was thought to be the protector of women and children from evil spirits. However, despite being a feminine god, Tawaret was also known for her fiery rage. Her portrayal consists of a hippopotamus head, lion’s arms, and the tail and claws of a crocodile, the three largest and most dangerous animals in ancient Egypt. Apart from that, Tawaret was also believed to cleanse and guide the souls through the afterlife and back to the land of the living.

What Role Does the Hippo Play In Moon Knight?

As established earlier, the fourth episode of Moon Knight has taken some clear inspirations from Jeff Lemire’s iconic series. However, by introducing Tawaret/Hippo in the episode, the series has replaced a major Egyptian deity from the source material. In the comics, it was Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, who guided Marc Spector and his allies from the mental asylum to the outside world. But now, it seems that it will be Tawaret who shall guide Spector back to the land of the living.

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Anubis guides Moon Knight in comics
Anubis, the Egyptian god of death

As Khonshu was sealed at the end of the third episode for his repeat offences, Marc Spector/Steven Grant lost the protective armor and enhanced abilities provided by the Egyptian moon god. As a result, when Spector finally met Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) near Alexander the Great’s sarcophagus, he was no longer impervious to the bullets fired by Harrow, resulting in his death.

Arthur Harrow kills Marc Spector in fourth episode of Moon Knight
Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow

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While Marc Spector’s apparent death did surprise fans, that’s where Tawaret comes to resurrect the Fist of Khonshu. Last week, Ethan Hawke had revealed that the multiple personalities of Marc Spector will finally merge together in the remaining episodes, which might lead to a whole new avatar of Moon Knight. With Tawaret’s introduction, the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility, the making of a brand new Moon Knight with all personalities merged can be considered as spiritual childbirth for the character. Similarly, considering that Marc Spector actually died in the episode, it is highly likely that the Hippo goddess will guide Spector and his remaining personalities to finally become the Fist of Vengeance.


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Moon Knight returns for its fifth episode on April 27, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.

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