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Moon Knight vs. Deadpool: 10 Reasons The Fist Of Khonshu Is Crazier, Funnier, More Unhinged

Now that Oscar Isaac has been officially cast as Moon Knight in the MCU, this brings us to a very important question – who is crazier? Is it Deadpool or Moon Knight?

Told the Avengers To Go Suck It When They Didn’t Let Him Thrash Doom

Moon Knight’s sense of justice is flawed. But he always means well even though his actions have long term consequences. And he just does not care if anybody thinks he is doing the wrong thing. Deadpool at least has a moral compass and conscience albeit an incredibly faulty one. He listens to very few people like Colossus and Captain America. But moon Knight has trouble submitting to authority. When Doctor Doom was in town, Marc Spector did not like the idea of some European Dictator trotting into his city. Doom had diplomatic immunity, meaning he cannot be touched. That did not matter to Moon knight, who used his expired Avengers ID to gain entry into the Latverian Embassy. When the Avengers stopped him from hitting Doom, he told them the three magical words and gave them the daddy finger.

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Would Kill Anyone (Including Cute Dolphins) If He Feels Like It

Why does Moon Knight kill? Even Marvel does not know. The character has such a complicated, unhinged psyche that even the writers cannot figure out a motif. We will give you an example. Moon Knight was searching for his Nazi serial killer uncle (it gets crazier). To do so he must prove his worth to become a member of the Societe des Sadiques cult. The cult puts Moon Knight in a room with a Dolphin, asking him to kill it. Only the most sadistic people can join the cult. Marc sits at the corner of the room for two weeks. He then suddenly gets up, jumps into the tank, and kills the mammal. He later explains he hated the Dolphin’s smile so he killed it. Its revealed that the Dolphin had rabies and was going to die anyway. Nobody had told Marc that, who goes on to eat the raw flesh off of the Dolphin carcass as an act of celebration.

Once Ripped A Villain’s Face Off And Offered It As Sacrifice To The Moon God

Spider-Man has his cheeky one-liners. Batman has his legendary dialogues. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to tell you a moral of the story every time he beats the enemy. Moon Knight takes an unorthodox approach. Once when he was facing a villain known as Bushman, he did not just stop with “Ha ha you suck!!”. He ended up ripping the face off of his skull and offered it as sacrifice to the Moon God Khonshu. He was smiling as he bathed in the moonlight, with another human’s face over his own.

Talks To An Imaginary Pal No One Else Sees

Talk about schizophrenia folks!! Marc derives his strength from the moon. The stronger the moon is, the more powerful he gets. He is the avatar of the Egyptian Moon God so this explains his powers’ connection to the celestial body. But there is a terrible side effect. Marc Spector’s head also has a permanent hotline with the Moon God himself. Khonshu takes the form of his faceless enemy Bushman, sometimes tormenting Moon knight and sometimes helping him in his hour of need. Everyone else thinks Marc is talking to air and is a maniac set loose on the streets.

He Derives His Strength From Self-Hypnosis

Moon Knight, like we said, derives his powers from the moon. Or does he? Up until this day, no one, not even Doctor Strange, has understood the mystical connection that gives Marc Spector his abilities. He is known to lift several hundred pounds at a stretch. Sometimes he goes even higher. Due to the nature of his skills, some theorize Moon Knight’s powers are not magical. He is indeed insane. Whenever he dons the suit, his psyche switches places with another personality and puts its entire body in a state of self-hypnosis. So in other words, Moon knight may not be deriving his power just from the Moon. A part of it may be coming from his crazy belief that he is indeed strong.

High Tolerance For Pain

Moon knight’s tolerance for pain is so high it would give the Punisher a run for his money. Marc is crazy enough that his mind can easily scramble any psychic attack headed his way. No telepath could understand how to dismantle his mind. Even if they do, Moon Knight’s pain resistance would kick in and he would shrug it off very easily. He has been shot in battle, his lungs punctured, and a crossbow bolt pierced his chest. Moon knight still kept going, letting off just a small grunt to confuse his enemies.

His Crazy Fighting Style

In the Marvel Comic Book Universe, the Taskmaster is one villain you do not want to fight if you rely on martial arts. The dude can easily take one look at your technique, copy it, refining ti and making it better. he is a martial arts genius. But he still refrains from fighting Moon Knight. He does not like copying his Moon Knight’s technique because of its severely odd nature. Moon Knight would rather take a punch to the face to get closer to the enemy rather than avoid it with a sideswipe.

Split Personality Disorder

We kid you not when we say this – Moon Knight knows he has multiple personalities in his head. he knows he is insane. But he considers them a useful tool. Each persona in him has a specific role to play. Marc claims he uses the skills of all of the three personalities to keep a check on crime in his city. In case a telepath gets inside his head, the intruder has to deal with not one but three different people at once, which will be overwhelming for most psychics. Moon Knight actually takes pride in his mental disorder, calling it a necessary weapon against evil.

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Brands Criminals Like They Are His Personal Livestock

Batman did it first. Moon knight certainly did it better. His form of justice includes showing to the whole world that this guy crossed paths with the Moon knight and paid the price. Marc would use a blade to crave a crescent moon on their chest and faces. Some of them had more than one of the moon scars because Moon knight believed they are “incapable of taking a hint.”

Because He’s Actually Crazy

Granted Deadpool is also mentally unstable. But being crazy and being mentally unstable are two different things. Deadpool chooses to act that way he does. Moon Knight actually has no choice. His regular hallucinations and odd behavior give it away. And to top it off, he has actually been captured and put in a mental asylum many times. Most of his superhero allies are convinced Khonshu does not exist He has received electro-shock therapy to get cured of his insanity. None of the treatments have worked. Moon knight still thrives at the other end of the spectrum.