How Morbius Nearly Confirms That Doctor Strange’s Spell Did Not Work on The Vulture

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The Morbius post-credit scene included information that could hint that Doctor Strange’s spell wasn’t exactly foolproof. At the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home, to avoid the multiverse from collapsing Peter Parker of Earth 616, asks Doctor Strange to make everyone who knew Peter Parker forget about him. It was maybe the only solution to clear up the mess created by the wrong spell cast at the film’s beginning. In the closing scene, it was well-established by the makers that the spell worked as MJ, Ned, and Happy did not recognize Peter. But in the post-credit scene of Morbius, it seemed Vulture remembers who Peter Parker was.


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The spell of Doctor Strange did not work on Vulture

The Vulture might know Spider-Man's identity
The Vulture might know Spider-Man’s identity

In the post-credit scene, Morbius was called to a remote area where he meets Adrian Toomes alias The Vulture. He was transferred to Sony’s Spiderverse from the Marve Cinematic Universe. He is trying to build a team to seek revenge against Spider-Man. This could simply mean that he remembers Spider-Man and not Peter, but some fan theorists believe otherwise.


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Morbius post-credit scene hints that The Vulture remembers Peter
Morbius’s post-credits scene hints that The Vulture remembers Peter

Other villains that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man fought did not have a strong emotional connection with him. But Adrian Toomas was the first villain he fought and they had some history. So maybe the spell, though widespread wasn’t strong enough to work completely on people who had a history and deeper connection with Peter. This could also be backed by the look Zendaya’s M.J. has while Peter visits her work, she feels a connection but is not able to clearly pinpoint why.

The Vulture could prove to be very deadly if he really remembers

Though it really hasn’t been confirmed whether The Vulture really remembers the identity of Spider-Man. But if he does it could mean that he really is a deadly villain. The grudge he holds against Peter is so strong that his mind could evade the effect of such an advanced spell cast by the best Masters of Mystic Arts.


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The Vulture's hatred towards Peter could be too strong
The Vulture’s hatred towards Peter could be too strong

Unlike most villains, he believed that whatever he was doing was absolutely right. So, the sense of hatred he has for Peter is way deeper as he interfered with his ‘job.’ Also, he is the only known and living villain of Spider-Man for now and his great sense of hatred towards our superhero could be a great way to usher the teenage Peter into adulthood, a journey he has already started alone.

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